By Sheer Pluck By G. A. Henty Pdf

By Sheer Pluck By  G. A. Henty Pdf

Download By Sheer Pluck By G. A. Henty Pdf book free online – from By Sheer Pluck By G. A. Henty Pdf book; “Morally, the book is everything that could be desired, setting before the boys a bright and bracing ideal of the English gentleman.”–Christian Leader.

At the appointed hour the four lads met on the beach. Ruthven and his companions wanted to choose a light rowing boat, but Frank strongly urged them to take a much larger and heavier one. “In the first place,” he said, “the wind is blowing off shore, and although it’s calm here it will be rougher farther out; and, unless I’m mistaken, the wind is getting up fast. Besides this it will be much more comfortable to fish from a good sized boat.”

His comrades grumbled at the extra labor which the large boat would entail in rowing. However, they finally gave in and the boat was launched.

“Look out, Master Hargate,” the boatman said as they started; “you’d best not go out too far, for the wind is freshening fast, and we shall have, I think, a nasty night.”

The boys thought little of the warning, for the sky was bright and blue, broken only by a few gauzy white clouds which streaked it here and there. They rowed out about a mile, and then laying in their oars,

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