Business Statistics By Guru Jambheshwar Pdf

Download Business Statistics By Guru Jambheshwar Pdf book free online – from Business Statistics By Guru Jambheshwar Pdf book; This book covers the following topics: An Introduction To Business Statistics, Dispersion And Skewness, Correlation Analysis, Regression Analysis, Index Numbers, Analysis Of Time Series, Probability Theory, Probability Distributions, Sampling And Sampling Methods, Sampling Distributions, Statistical Estimation, Testing Of Hypotheses, Non-parametric Tests, Statistical

In the beginning, it may be noted that the word ‘statistics’ is used rather curiously in two senses plural and singular. In the plural sense, it refers to a set of figures or data. In the singular sense, statistics refers to the whole body of tools that are used to collect data, organise and interpret them and, finally, to draw conclusions from them. It should be noted that both the aspects of statistics are important if the quantitative data are to serve their purpose. If statistics, as a subject, is inadequate and consists of poor methodology, we could not know the right procedure to extract from the data the
information they contain. Similarly, if our data are defective or that they are inadequate or inaccurate, we could not reach the right conclusions even though our subject is well developed.

Statistical data are the basic raw material of statistics. Data may relate to an activity of our interest, a phenomenon, or a problem situation under study. They derive as a result of the process of measuring, counting and/or observing. Statistical data, therefore, refer to those aspects of a problem situation that can be measured, quantified, counted, or classified. Any object subject phenomenon, or activity that generates data through this process is termed as a variable. In other words, a variable is one that shows a degree of variability when successive measurements are recorded. In statistics, data are classified into two broad categories: quantitative data and qualitative data. This classification is based on the kind of characteristics that are measured.

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