Business Flow System By Guru Jambheshwa Pdf

Download Business Flow System By Guru Jambheshwa Pdf book free online – from Business Flow System By Guru Jambheshwa Pdf book; This book explains the following topics: The Nature and Components of Business, Environment of Business System, Sole Proprietorship and Partnership, Joint Stock Company, Measure of size and factor determining size, Optimum size, the tendency towards larze size, Shareholders, Board of Directors, Chief Executive and Managing Director, Meetings 

Business enterprise is a part of society and the business environment has direct relationship with the policy of the enterprise. The environment may impose several constraints on the enterprise. The enterprise on the other hand, has very little control over its environment. Therefore, the success of an enterprise depends to a very large extent on its adaptability to the environment, i.e., its ability to identify itself with the environment and fit in with the environmental framework. According to Hicks, “The firm can adjust to the environment, or if it has ability, change the environment.”

Business environment can be classified into two parts- the economic environment; and the non-economic environment. The economic environment consists of factors like fiscal policy, monitory policy, economic policy, industrial and licensing
policy, factors of production, the pace of economic development, etc. The noneconomic environment refers to social, cultural and political, legal, technological factors, etc.

Environment literally means the surrounding external objects, influences of circumstances under which someone or something exist. The environment of any organisation is ” the aggregate of all conditions, events and influences that surround and affect”. Business environment exhibits many characteristics since it is complex, dynamic, multifaceted and it has far reaching impact. For all these reasons dividing environment into external and internal components enables us to
understand it better. Every business enterprise thus consists of a set of internal factors and is confronted with a set of external factors.

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