Business Environment By Guru Jambheshwar Pdf

Download Business Environment By Guru Jambheshwar Pdf book free online – from Business Environment By Guru Jambheshwar Pdf book; This note teaches the concept of business environment its meaning, scope and importance. Topics covered includes: Various Aspects Of Business Environment, Globalisation: Trends and Issues, Economic System: Process Of Reforms, Profile Of Indian Economy in 21st Century, Environmental Pollution, Growth of Industries in India, Mergers and Acquisitions, 

“A Business is nothing more than a person or group of persons properly organized to produce or distribute goods or services. The study of business is the study of activities involved in the production or distribution of goods and services-buying, selling, financing, personnel and the like”.

Practically the above said definition is true but in theoretical sense it is incorrect. Before any activities can be considered in the business, there must exist both the goal of profit and the risk of loss. Thus Business can be accurately defined by K. Ashwathapa as “Complex field of commerce and industry in which goods and services are created and distributed in
the hope of profit within a framework of laws and regulations”.

Another important feature of a business activity is its objective. The chief objective of a business is to earn reasonable profits or ‘surplus’ as it is called in case of public enterprises. The survival of a business depends upon its ability to earn profits. Every businessman wants to earn profits, to get return on his capital and to reward himself for his services. Actually, profit is the spur that helps in the continuation of the business. Profit is also essential for growth. Recreation clubs and religious institutions cannot be called business enterprises, as they have nothing to do with the profit motive.

The scope of business is very wide. It should not be confused with trade. ‘Trade’ simply denotes purchase and sale of goods, whereas business’ includes all activities from production to distribution of goods and services.

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