Burned Dreams by Neva Altaj PDF

 Burned Dreams by Neva Altaj PDF

Download Burned Dreams by Neva Altaj PDF book free. Nina: Charming, captivating, and seductive, And a cold-blooded killer. But I married the Pakhan of the Russian Bratva anyway. I had to. It was part of the deal. Now, I’m faking marital bliss, As I tremble with fear, And I cannot wait to be out of the clutches of this ruthless man.

Roman: I get anything I desire. And I want this perfectly imperfect little manipulator. The way she can deceive anyone into believing she’s crazy in love with me, Just makes me want her even more. She doesn’t know it yet, But I am not letting her go. The deal – is off. *Painted Scars is a full-length novel with several open-door steamy scenes, no cheating and a guaranteed HEA.
This is the first book in Perfectly Imperfect mafia series, and compared to the other books in the series, it’s not overly dark. Painted Scars is primarily a love story which focuses on the relationship between Nina and Roman, and while there are a few scenes depicting violence, it’s considerably lighter than the sequels.

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