Building Accessible Websites By Joe Clark Pdf

Building Accessible Websites By Joe Clark Pdf

Download Building Accessible Websites By Joe Clark Pdf book free online – from Building Accessible Websites By Joe Clark Pdf book; Using a strategic approach to the issues in a journalistic style, this book will be a foundation for how people think about this issue going forward-the first book people would read on the topic, before delving into the minutiae of the moment.

With lawsuits and human-rights complaints proliferating, and with simple awareness of accessibility percolating through the industry, soon it will be hard to find a web shop that won’t be producing accessible sites, whether it presently has the experience and know-how or not. Government mandates, lawsuits from disability groups, more non-English speaking web users, and an increasing population of Web-enabled devices make this a vital topic. In fact, Basic accessibility as described in this book is generally so cheap it can only be measured in pennies. If you think that typing the letter C costs twice as much in staff time as the letter c because you have to press the Shift key to do it, then you’re pretty much the only kind of developer who will be able to pin a dollar value on basic accessibility. If, on the other hand, you recognize that adding five alt texts of ten words each to a 50 K Web page takes minutes and is about as taxing as typing out your name, address, and phone number, you may be persuaded that Basic accessibility isn’t expensive after all.

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