Bug by Ellie R. Hunter Pdf

Download Bug by Ellie R. Hunter Pdf.I was a quiet, timid girl, who did her homework, helped do the chores at home, and hung out with my best friend. Nothing happened

in my life I didn’t plan for.Until Huxley Bailey-Vaughan took an interest in me. He decided I was going to be his girlfriend and I let him. I thought the son of the family who owned the town would be the boy of my dreams.I was wrong. Very, very wrong.In the end, I ran and hid for nine years before he found me again. Now I’ll do anything to show him he can’t crush me like the bug he thinks I still am.He may have had my love as a teenager, but as a woman who will not be swayed, he has my hatred.There is no fine line between love and hate for us, he is not my happy ever after, we are not a second chance couple, and I am certainly not his Bug.I will choose who has my heart, and it will not be him.