Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark Pdf

Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark Pdf

Download Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark Pdf book free online. The Irish mafia’s heir is Callum Griffin. He’s brutal, haughty, and out to get me. I started a (very little) fire at his house, which was a bad start for our relationship. According to our families, the only thing that can stop the all-out war is a marriage deal. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

I fear that I may need to kill him while he is sound asleep. Everything would be much simpler if Callum weren’t so gorgeous.
But my heart is enclosed in a lockbox. Because I could never fall in love with a cruel prince, even if I were forced to marry him. The epic Brutal Birthright series’ riveting opening act is titled, Brutal Prince. It’s an independent dark Mafia romance with a happy ending and no cliffhangers.

About the Author

In the Rocky Mountain West, Sophie resides with her husband, two sons, and newborn daughter. She writes compelling, sophisticated romance with strong, capable heroines and heroes who will stop at nothing to win their hearts.
She enjoys live comedy performances, hiking, and weightlifting a little bit too much. Her ideal day would consist of taking the kids to Harry Potter World, dancing with Mr Lark, reading a nice book, and unwinding with a giant bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Download Brutal Prince by Sophie Lark Pdf


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