Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

Download Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub book free – From Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub: Rescued from a world of poverty, Cettie Pratt has avoided a bleak destiny—until now. Deceived and manipulated, she has been groomed for the ultimate betrayal: to destroy her best friend and stop peace from uniting two war-torn worlds. Buy from Amazon

Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

Her path leads her to a mysterious underworld where appearances can be deceiving.

Sera Fitzempress knows the value she has to her enemies. As heir to the empire, she must keep her foes at bay and prevent them from unleashing a being of unspeakable evil upon the world while fighting a brutal war. But her enemies are more cunning than Sera expects, and the key to their plans is none other than her best friend. Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

Neither woman knows what to believe. Neither one knows if she can trust the other. Both Cettie and Sera have made decisions that have irrevocably changed them. But the decisions they have yet to make will determine the fate of their world…

Review – Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

I must confess the beginning of this series stumbled a bit off the mark for me when I first started it, several months ago. I’m not sure the reasons for this are all the fault of the novel or it’s author, but it took me a while to get into it and to identify with Cettie and Sera and the rest of the folk in and around Fog Willows. Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

As such, I finished the first book not being all that certain I’d head onto the second one. I bought the second one right away (it’s how I’m wired-my Kindle tells me there’s another book in the series and I hit the “buy” button without thinking), but read several other books-in fact, ALL the other books I’d been waiting to read-before I started the second volume. Whether I was just in a better place as a reader or if it was the fact that Cettie and Sera had finally met and become friends by the beginning of book two, I’m not sure, but from the first pages of the second volume, I was well and truly hooked. By the time we got to Broken Veil (and this was the only one I had to wait to be released), I was completely caught up in this story of politics, magic and multi-dimensional betrayal. Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

Wheeler does a great job making you care about his cast of characters and to make you feel the immediacy of the threat against them and the stakes of what could happen if things don’t go the way we know they need to go. The Harbinger series by Jeff Wheeler introduces us to a great new female lead and a great new fantasy world, about which he has written MUCH. There are several other series he’s written, not so much about these characters, but about this world, and while I haven’t begun any of them yet…I’m sure I will.

Details About Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler ePub

  • Name: Broken Veil
  • Author: Jeff Wheeler
  • ISBN: 978-1542092449
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult Coming of Age Fantasy, Teen & Young Adult Epic Fantasy
  • Format: ePub
  • Size: 1 MB
  • Page: 336

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About the Author

Jeff Wheeler is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Harbinger and Kingfountain series, as well as the Muirwood and Mirrowen novels. He took an early retirement from his career at Intel in 2014 to write full time. He is a husband, father of five, and devout member of his church. Broken Veil by Jeff Wheeler

He lives in the Rocky Mountains and is the founder of Deep Magic: The E-Zine of Clean Fantasy and Science Fiction. Find out more about Deep Magic at, and visit Jeff’s many worlds at

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