Broken lil wolf Pdf

Download Broken lil wolf Pdf.I grew up being told how wonderful it will be once I find my true mate. How everything will fall into place and we’ll be inseparable.

When I see him for the first time, that’s exactly how it feels; wonderful. I wait, day after day, for him to gain the courage to approach me as girls fawn over him.

Until the day everything changes and he finally claims me. Except, he doesn’t. He leaves me wrecked and half-dressed in a broom closet, leaving me no choice but to hide until darkness falls so I can escape to the only safe place for rejected mates like me: the shelter.

Nine months later and along comes baby, but we struggle. Boy do we struggle. The shelter is safe, but it’s far from luxurious. But we make do and we’re mostly happy. He’s beautiful, and he’s my world.

So why do the rest of my mates show up out of the blue and demand to become part of it?

This is a rejected-mates, second chance, secret baby reverse harem with a HEA. Stand alone, 18+


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