Breaking the Cycle by George N. Collins PDF

Breaking the Cycle by George N. Collins PDF

Download Breaking the Cycle by George N. Collins PDF book free online – From Breaking the Cycle by George N. Collins PDF: Anyone who has struggled with sex addiction knows that living with constant sexual compulsions can be extremely difficult. But summoning the courage to find help for this condition can be even more of a challenge. If addictions to pornography, strip clubs, massage parlors, prostitutes, phone sex, or chat rooms have made you feel trapped, this book can help you find a way to break free.

Written by a former sex addict who specializes in counseling people who suffer from sexually compulsive behavior, Breaking the Cycle presents a step-by-step plan to enjoying a life of productivity and purpose. You can free yourself from the powerful, compulsive urges that may have damaged your career, finances, or relationships with friends and family. The exercises in this book will show you how to regain control of your life and build meaningful intimate connections with others.

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Breaking the Cycle by George Collins is a 911 call that can save your life and those you love from sex addiction, porn obsession, and shame. Honest, stark, hard-hitting and yet hopeful, Collins lays out the steps required to wrestle self-control back from your sexually compulsive impulses. In your darkest time, Breaking the Cycle brings the light you are looking for!”
—Don Elium, MFT, adjunct faculty at John F. Kennedy University and author of Raising a Son

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“Prior to reading this book, I had been acting out my sexually compulsive behaviors for forty years. Each chapter is filled with specific experiences and emotions that I have struggled with in the past. As a result of the techniques described in this book, my addiction has faded away.”
—Ralph, sex addict in recovery in Rhode Island

“This book offers a raw look into the world of sex addicts. George Collins’ courageous self-revelation of his own sex addiction has helped hundreds of men and women to find what is essential for rehabilitation inside themselves. His ‘I’ll pay you to just be honest’ conversation with the sex worker and client was itself worth the cost of the book!”
—Don L. Mathews, MFT, director of the Impulse Treatment Center

“This is gripping stuff, and a real page-turner of a book. The real-life stories have the ring of truth, and the dialogue is unmistakably real. The use of trenchant, memorable lines, like, ‘you can’t get enough of what won’t satisfy you,’ really get the message across.”
— Bob, sex addict in recovery in California

“Collins’ take on the mental obsession leading to physical addiction and subsequent negative consequence is pure poetry for the troubled romantic soul. Even if you are NOT an addict, you will find this book a useful GPS to navigate new neighborhoods of abnormal thinking in people you know or will encounter someday. On a personal note, I am honored to be mentioned and I am grateful he didn’t abbreviate First Thought Wrong even one time. Thank you, George, for taking First Thought Wrong from sexual to helpful, hopeful and safe.”
—Mark Lundholm, internationally recognized stand-up comedian and creator of The Recovery Board Game and the DVD series Humor in Treatment

From the Publisher

In Breaking the Cycle, sex addiction specialist George Collins offers a powerful, no-nonsense program for helping readers identify their unhealthy sexual patterns, overcome sex addiction, and start living more productive lives.

About the Author

George N. Collins, MA, is founder and director of Compulsion Solutions, an outpatient counseling service in the San Francisco Bay Area specializing in the treatment of sexually compulsive behavior.