Bratva Babygirl by Kiley Beckett Pdf

Download Bratva Babygirl by Kiley Beckett Pdf.A young orphaned woman, caring for her brother permanently injured in a motorcycle race, meets a man from her

father’s past, released from prison to perform a high-profile mob assassination for the Russian mob.

Cairo Kozlov is a deadly killer. Sawyer Day is an innocent, overwhelmed virgin. A long time ago Sawyer considered Cairo a part of the family.

Cairo was her dad’s best friend. But now her dad is dead, shot by cops in a bank heist in Waikiki. She blames Cairo.

If Cairo returning to her life is the worst thing she can imagine, then why does she tremble at the sound of his voice? Why does she quake at his touch? And why on earth would she let him put her over his knee to tame her vicious tongue?

She never knew how bad she needed a Daddy.

Publisher’s Note: This age gap romance contains elements of age play, mystery, suspense, mafia, military, danger and a happily ever after.


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