Bound to the Enemy by Nikki Rose Pdf

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Download Bound to the Enemy by Nikki Rose Pdf.

Continue Teo and Mia’s story in Bound to the Enemy.

She killed his brother to save his life but is blood still thicker than water?

The death of Giovanni Venturi doesn’t void the marriage arrangement between Mia and the Venturi heir, it only changes it.

Finally able to be with Teo, Mia finds that there are many challenges that come along with being engaged to the new underboss. While Teo struggles with the idea of being married to the woman who killed his brother.
Warning: This story contains violence, murder, drug use, strong language, sexual situations, organized crime, attempted SA, and other adult content that may be disturbing to some readers. Content intended for readers 18+

**This book ends on a CLIFFHANGER that will be concluded in book 3, coming in January**


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