Bound in Sin by Mae Pierce Pdf

Download Bound in Sin by Mae Pierce Pdf.I’m a succubus on the run.
What do you do when your mind bender, obsessive ex drains you of power because

he wants to own every part of you?
You run and hide.
Lust gives me power and I need it like I need oxygen, but my secret haven is nothing like I expected. My new home centers around a place I never would have expected to generate the lust I need.
I need to lie low, but how can I when the Pastor is so deliciously tempting?
And what do I do when I discover the truth behind the blue eyed, blonde-haired boy who blushes when I speak to him?
As I juggle my hunger for lust and my growing attractions, I slowly realize this church isn’t what it seems.
And my ex who betrayed me is still under my skin. I can’t shake the feeling that he’s involved. He wants me, but could he accept I need more than him?

Could there be a world where I somehow get everything that I want?

Bound in Sin 
is a 40k spicy paranormal novella that features MFM, MMF & MF scenes.


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