Boss Up!: A Guide to Conquering and Living Your Best Life

BOSS UP BY CHIKA IKE – Boss UP! is a 41 chapter book that cover most of the obstacles we all confront–fear, convention, love, money, self-esteem. Some are internal, existing only in our minds, and some are external, found in other people’s attitudes. It gives you a guide on how to overcome such obstacles by some of the lessons and experiences of Chika Ike .

Bossing Up and changing her attitude, She changed my life. She chose to be happy, successful, ambitious, and driven, and you can too. This book will show you how to work around the obstacles and get your life moving smoothly . Chika Ike explains how She failed, how other people failed her and how she sometimes, somehow, got it right. Hoping that by sharing her mistakes, you won’t have to make them.

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Mistakes such as allowing relationships to define her ,hiding away because she hated her looks, wondering whether all the hard work was worth the effort, being bullied because she was different, and more. Part 1 starts with ‘Chikadibia, ‘ (which is her full name), explains her starting point and introduces the rest of the book in more detail (Self, Business, Society and Grace). Please dip in with both feet, and feel good. I hope your outcome is greater health, wealth, and happiness.

1. Boss Up reveals Chika Dibia, which happens to be Chika Ike’s real name. According to her, the name which means “God is greater than any Babalawo” was given to her based on the circumstances surrounding her birth.

2. The book also reveals the hidden fact of how Chika Ike was rejected at birth by her father as well as the strained relationship they have maintained since then.

3. Boss Up finally addresses the truth behind Ike’s divorce and her ex-husband,

4. Ike talks about her journey to and through Harvard Business School.



September 05
I expected it to be the regular celebrity tell-all, but I was disappointed. This book WOWED me right from the first page till the end! It is easy to read with enough real life experiences; BOSS UP is a page turner. Of all the many self-help and tell-all books out there, this one tells you right from the first page to put your chin up and make lemonade from the lemons life throws at you.
August 11
Boss up This Book is Super Amazing. More Grace Chika. I really learnt a lot. #BOSSUP