Born To Win by Muriel James PDF

Born To Win by Muriel James PDF

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In this enriching volume, Dr. Muriel James, co-author of Passion for Life: Psychology and the Human Spirit, and Dr. Dorothy Jongeward, show that every person has the potential to be a winner: to be an authentic, alive, repsonsive, fulfilled human being. Buy from Amazon

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Summary of Born To Win by Muriel James PDF

Transactional analysis (TA) and gestalt therapy get to the heart of human behavior in certain contexts. Understanding why we behave the way we do and how those changes affect our mood is a psychological paradigm that is hotly debated.

Dr. Eric Berne is the father figure behind this research bomb, which places transactional analysis at the heart of understanding the nature of our behaviors. Dr. Frederick Perls can be credited as the inventor of gestalt therapy experiments.

Frederick’s main concern is assisting people in unifying or integrating their disparate characteristics. Because of the negative influences that disseminate similarly “deadly” emotions in the surroundings, a major portion of the human population is still on the point of emotional breakdown.

It’s reasonable to assume that people can plunge into fresh perceptive breakthroughs as a result of these two processes coming together.

TA and gestalt therapy, unlike other approaches, take those who are in severe need of help under their wing. This new sort of assistance signifies a watershed moment in many people’s lives. To put it another way, the mindset you develop and nurture can be your best friend or worst enemy.

This treatment is designed to help you live a more responsible, caring, creative, spontaneous, and joyful life. Another way of stating you need a mind-alteration is that you’re pumped up to take tangible acts and filter out the conceptions that are keeping you from seeing the light.

Take action against the negative tendencies.

For the most part, Gestalt therapy is still a foreign concept to most people. You might want to take things more slowly to figure out what’s causing your erratic behavior. The appropriate mindset is required to become an organized person with well-defined goals and plans.

Gestalt therapy, in a more scientific sense, primarily targets neuroticism, which Perls defines as the incapacity to attain full integration.

Make a fresh start.

Consider the following scenario: A person who is unable to obtain work or make new friends is in a dire condition. He is currently in the “hot seat,” which is devoid of true intents and ideas.

He seeks assistance and resolves to take on these several personalities. His forecasts are no longer necessary, and he must focus on more important tendencies.

Perhaps the person should trade chairs to learn more about the nature of the antagonism. Despite the fact that the guy believes that ambiguity bothers his mind more than anything else, it’s critical to understand his stance while speaking to others.

Let’s also take a look at the four seats to see how bitter they are:

“I have no idea what to do now,” says the person in the hot seat. If you ask me, I’m always courteous to others.”
“You’re ready to see why you’re here, and why you can’t succeed in your personal and professional life,” says the other chair.
“I simply can’t seem to digest these inclinations,” says the person in the hot seat. “I’m always pleasant to be around.”
“You’re getting nowhere, and you’re torn between making a huge deal out of things and wanting to show people that you care,” says the other chair.
Losers despise being labeled as underachievers or whiners. Their top objective is to hide their fearful thinking so that they can make a better first impression. Those who are striving to summon their courage strive to project a macho image.

They enjoy going around in circles and doing whatever to divert attention away from their flaws.

They’d rather stay beneath the radar to let off steam and avoid people noticing their insecurity.

Winners, on the other hand, enjoy highlighting their flaws and working to improve them. They want reasoning to triumph over fear, and they have an insatiable desire to understand themselves.

The egoic type of awareness, which is the surface condition of one’s self, gives rise to the personality “cult.”

The Most Important Takeaways from “Born To Win”

  1. Determine your goal.
  2. Adjust your perspective
  3. Comprehend the entire story

Define your goal.
Many people wander aimlessly around the world, oblivious of their true motivations and ambitions.

One method to feel safe and secure is to hide in the shadows. For the same reason, they can bite more than they can chew at times.

Change your mindset.
People who aren’t scared to challenge themselves and succeed can view the broad picture and become more conscious of their moods, emotions, and drives.

Finding the key to your mind is like unlocking a hidden treasure chest.

Born To Win by Muriel James PDF

An imaginative guide for self-analysis, discovery and growth—complete with experiments and exercises you can do by yourself—Born to Win uses psychlogical insights to increase your awareness of the real power you have to direct your own life, to make decisions, to develop your own ethical system, to enhance the lives of others—and to understand that you were “Born To Win.”

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I have been a practicing pychologist for almost thirty years. have my original yellowed copy with broken back, prominant on my shelf. I refer people to this book and work them through it as a course in thinking and feeling change!

It is clear and understandable. I was taught Transactional Analysis by my Clinical professor. We also used TA in the theraputic community when I was a prison psychologist. The authors combine gestalt process along with transactional models. Eric Berne the creator of TA was trained in Freudian Psychology so there is some parallels. But the language is concrete and the sources of the content are tangible. It is a process oriented book, with some insight thrown in.

There is criticism about a lack of philosophical orientation, but I continue to recomend this book after many years, and send my patients/clients out to find it. Hopefully we will continue to keep it being published.

Possibly an updated version? Why? You may not be old enough to remember when the grocery store gave out gold and green stamps for merchandise redemtion? So the idea of collecting stamps as a way of describing building up feelings of injustice may be confusing.

I have used this as a text in bibliotherapy for some clients who radically changed there lives before my eyes.

I highly recomend this book! I actually do! In my practice!

I am continuing to recomend this book to my clients. As I mentioned above it is a little dated. Eric Bernes was a classicaly trained therapist. he found that using more specific everyday labels of our memories and learning placed into simple, recognizable, concepts allows every person to understand. It combined with other skills provides insight as to why we behave as we do.

This version is a 25th anniversary edition. LOL! I recomend it !

About the Author

Dr. Muriel James is a licensed marriage and family counselor, an international consultant in human relations to corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies, and was an advisor to the California Commission on the Status of Women. Dr. James received her doctorate from the University of California at Berkely. She is past president of the International Transactional Analysis Association, and was a colleague of Dr. Eric Berne. Dr. James is author and co-author of seventeen books, including Breaking FreeHearts on FireThe Better Boss in Multicultural Organizations and Passion for Life: Psychology and the Human Spirit.
Dr. Dorothy Jongeward is an internationally prominent management consultant who has pioneered the field of productivity through “people skills.” She served on the faculty of the University of California Extension for many years and has made a lasting contribution to understanding the psychology of women. She is a Teaching Member of the International Transactional Analysis Association and a Life Member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Counselors. She has authored or co-authored seven other succesful books including Women as Winners and Winning with People. Her creative career is cited in many references, including The World’s Who’s Who of Women. In 1990, Dr. Jongeward was selected as one of six alumni of Washington State University “who have made significant contributions to history and culture in this century.”