Books to Read to Become a Better Writer

How to become a better writer


Writing is an art, and sure, a lucrative and great one at that. The writing industry in the past years has grown so much that even a pinpoint needs hundreds of writers. For these hundreds required, though, there are thousands available. Tricky, right? That is why you must set your own pace and make for yourself a place in the industry.

Making a place for yourself in the writing world might seem a daunting task. What exactly will separate you from the multitude of other writers and make you different? Trust me; there is no other way than being better than the rest, as being good is no longer enough.

Being a better writer, though, is not a matter of luck or magic; it’s as simple as knowing the right thing to do and as tricky as not knowing the right thing to do. And the more specific part is that the right thing is just to ‘Read! Write! Read more!! Write more!!’.

That simple, right? Yes, you are right. Except that you have to know what exactly to read, and here, I’ll be giving you just that; the safety precautions when buying papers! You don’t want to stuff your homes with every sheet you find on the shelf when you can move from being good to be a better writer with these paramount books.


Some books teach you just what it takes to write better than you can even imagine. Together, we shall explore these books that will enlighten the technicalities of writing, books on habits that can make a good writer, books that teach us how to deal with challenges creatives face, and books that talk about the life of celebrated authors.

It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences by June Casagrande

Crafting one sentence after the other is the requirement of writing any piece, whether good or bad. Knowing how to write a good sentence can also be a guide to learning how to write good work, which is why this book is the first I’m recommending to you.

Through its various contents, the book humorously worded while delivering writing techniques with precision prepares you for a writing world of dazzling your readers.

On Writing by Stephen King

A memoir as well as a master class of one of the Bestselling authors of all time, Stephen King took readers through his life journey as a writer, telling us what makes him such a great writer while also teaching us a thing or two about what might take our writing to a better level.

What is a better way to learn about being a better writer than to be mentored by a writer who made a groundbreaking success story from barely being unable to pay his bills to be one of the bestsellers? You know the juicy part; I could almost imagine Stephen Kings seated across me telling me everything just by reading this book!

Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury

Want to propel your adventurous writing spirit? This is the best guide to doing so. Encouraging writers to focus on their distinctive writing instinct to seek their inner genius, Bradbury taught writers how to propel their creativities uniquely and celebrates writers.

The book points out zeal, curiosity, and enthusiasm as qualities good writers must have to catapult them into finding the best of themselves. Also, Zen compared his life to stepping on a landmine early in the morning, blasting into a million pieces and spending the whole day putting the pieces back together.

Steering the Craft by Ursula K. Le Guin

Succinct, superb, and straightforward, K. Le Guin presents the technical needs of a modern writer in this masterpiece and a concise and plain sailing way. After combining illustrative examples derived from every sphere of the writing world with his humorous observations, Le Guin also adds exercises that can test one’s understanding of what has been learnt in the book.

With less being taught on the technical aspects of writing and speech by the day, Steering the Craft, however, justified to equipping writers with all the technicalities of writing a good piece most effortlessly.

The War of Art́ by Steven Pressfield

Writers’ block is an enemy of every writer. Imagine starting your writing with lots of ideas and the zeal of finishing well and strong only to get stuck in the middle, not knowing what to write next or what direction to put your writing towards? Or, you may even know the rules but not just how to get there.

The war of art is the perfect solution for every creative approach with the roadblocks to our creativity. Focusing on writing and engaging other creative areas like painting and even planning a business venture, The War of Art is just the best key for opening anyone’s floodgate of creativity.


The list of books we have discussed will go a long way in taking your writing a notch up. Also, you should endeavour to read trending and bestselling books to know what got them to that position, books in your genre to know just how well to read better and write differently, books that are not in your genre, trust me, there’s no harm in learning more.

How to become a better writer


While we as writers love to read and read and read, knowing what to read can help us maximize all our resources best without us having to waste time leafing through every page we can find.

These books mentioned earlier will go a long way in helping any writers deal with their career as a writer, the challenges of writing and being a writer, the life and challenges of being creative, and the business of writing.

 The books will also do an excellent job by taking you to the right path of what to write next, how to write it better, how to live an ambitious life, and who knows. You may be the next most celebrated author!

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