Book of Night by Holly Black Pdf

Book of Night by Holly Black Pdf

Download Book of Night by Holly Black Pdf book free online. In Charlie Hall’s universe, shadows can be changed for amusement and adornment as well as to boost power and influence. You can change someone’s emotions and memories, but doing so comes with a price that could cost you hours or even days of your life. All the aspects of yourself that you desire to keep hidden are contained in your shadow a second self that stands to your left and enters lit spaces in your wake. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

The low-level con artist Charlie works as a bartender to keep herself away from the hazardous and powerful shadow trading industry. She survives by performing odd chores for her clients and the impressionable newcomers in her community near the Berkshire Mountains.

Charlie’s present life, however, is upended when a dreadful character from her past reappears, and at best, her future becomes unclear—and at worst, nonexistent. A cast of doppelgangers, erratic millionaires, shadow thieves, and her own sister are among those Charlie faces as she plunges herself into a storm of secrets and murder out of desperation to survive.

About the Author

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of science fiction and fantasy books, short stories, and comics is Holly Black. She has sold over 26 million books worldwide, and her work has been adapted for the big screen and translated into more than 30 other languages. She currently resides in a home with a hidden library in New England with her spouse and children. Her first work of adult fiction is Book of Night.

Download Book of Night by Holly Black Pdf


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