Body Physics: Motion to Metabolism by Lawrence Davis

Body Physics was designed to meet the objectives of a one-term high school or freshman level course in physical science, typically designed to provide non-science majors and undeclared students with exposure to the most basic principles in physics while fulfilling a science-with-lab core requirement.

The content level is aimed at students taking their first college science course, whether or not they are planning to major in science. However, with minor supplementation by other resources, such as OpenStax College Physics, this textbook could easily be used as the primary resource in 200-level introductory courses.

Recommended: Download University Physics Vol 1- 3

Chapters that may be more appropriate for physics courses than for general science courses are noted with an asterisk symbol (*). Of course this textbook could be used to supplement other primary resources in any physics course covering mechanics and thermodynamics. The following are an example course description and course outcomes (learner outcomes, learning objectives, etc.) for which Body Physics would be well aligned (see unit outcomes for alignment to course outcomes indicated by [#]):

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Table of Contents

  • Unit 1: Purpose and Preparation
  • Unit 2: Measuring the Body
  • Unit 3: Error in Body Composition Measurement
  • Unit 4: Better Body Composition Measurement
  • Unit 5: Maintaining Balance
  • Unit 6: Forces within the Body
  • Unit 7: Strength and Elasticity of the Body
  • Unit 8: Skydiving
  • Unit 9: Injury and Injury Prevention
  • Unit 10: Body Energy
  • Unit 11: Body Heat and The Fight for Life