Bluehost Review – The Best Web Host for 2022

Whether you’re looking to build a professional website, online store or even a blog or online store with no coding experience, Bluehost can get you started in simple ways that meet your taste

Setting up a website is no easy task at all. Many factors make the process difficult, from naming your website, selecting a design template, and building the right hosting plan. Bluehost helps you achieve everything your website needs from start to finish.

Bluehost Review

Bluehost is a very affordable and trustworthy web hosting provider. The web hosting giant has been around for over 15 years and serves over 2 million customers worldwide. Virtually anyone can sign up for a Bluehost account, but most persons are stuck at what to do next. 

Bluehost is the most popular choice among beginner bloggers, and for a good reason, Bluehost makes blogging easy by providing excellent service, all for an affordable price. 

I have created this guide to help you navigate the process of setting up your website with Bluehost step-by-step. In this article, you will learn about the basics of how to use Bluehost and some things you can do before signing up, such as finding a domain name and getting set up with an email address. Sign up on Bluehost here and get about 40% discount..This offer ends soon

What is Bluehost?

Bluehost is an online web building tool with a handy interface that lets you create your website simply by dragging and dropping.

Since its founding in 2003, the web hosting giant currently hosts over 2 million websites. You can use one of their pre-designed templates or choose to design your template. You can choose from many different domain names, so it is effortless to get started.

Bluehost is also one of the top solutions for open source implementation and development

Benefits of using Bluehost

There are many web hosting providers you can choose from, but Bluehost surpasses them all for some reason. Bluehost offers a wide range of exciting benefits for its users, from website building to web hosting and managing websites. Bluehost is not just fast and reliable, but it is packed with unique features and some WordPress hosting options designed to meet your tastes.

  • 30 Day Free Trial and Money back guarantee

If you are starting as a blogger and are sceptical about committing to a host, Bluehost lets you enjoy its services for the first thirty days together with a money-back guarantee. If you decide to cancel your Bluehost hosting subscription within the first thirty days, you are liable to receive a full refund from the company

  • Beginner and user-friendly interface

Suppose you aren’t so conversant with the technical part of building a website, like managing the backend of a blog. Bluehost has a beautiful interface designed with beginners in mind. The way the interface is created makes it easy for anyone to access and manage their blog. Sign up on Bluehost here and get about 40% discount..This offer ends soon

You can also customize Bluehost’s cPanel interface. In other words, you can rearrange the layouts in ways that you so desire. 

  • Easy to use

As a beginner or a non-techie who wants to enjoy a seamless process, Bluehost is an excellent choice for you because it has an interface that makes it extremely easy to use. It has a beautiful onboarding process

  • Interesting Features

If you love to have your website finely furnished with outstanding design, Bluehost has a rich library of unique themes and plugins that helps you switch custom designs so that your website wears the look you desire and functions as you have wanted it.

  • Speed and Reliability

One characteristic of a professional website is the loading speed and the server response time. It is as essential as the success of your online business. Bluehost offers products and services that ensure that your website functions at a superior speed.

  • WordPress Integration

Since 2005, Bluehost has been a Webhosting partner for The web hosting giant also provides a unique hosting server that is fully optimized for WordPress.

If you feel a bit lazy to do the design yourself, Bluehost’s server is built specifically for WordPress, making it easier to include some beautiful themes on your site or blog.

  • Wonderful security features

When you build or host your website on Bluehost, you gain access to tons of tools and services for protecting your website visitors. These tools also help you back up your content, which is always readily available in your customer’s dashboard. You also get automated security updates when you use Bluehost

How to get started with Bluehost

Whether you want to set up a website or create a blog for the first time, the processes are always the same. Most people prefer working with either a website builder or a content management system (CMS) like WordPress because of its convenience to newbies. Sign up on Bluehost here and get about 40% discount..This offer ends soon

Setting up a website has never been this easy.

Once you have acquired your hosting account, you are presented with two options for creating or publishing your website. You can do this with:

  • The Classic WordPress
  • The Bluehost Website Builder

If you want to create a website with an outstanding outlook that will be up and running quickly, Bluehost Website Builder is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want to be in charge of your website’s interface or an online store or a blog, the classic WordPress is the best for you. 

To get started with Bluehost website builder:

  1. The first thing to do is to log in to your Bluehost’s account and click on the manage site tab
  2. The next thing to do is to click on create a new site.
  3. Then choose if you want to create a site with the WordPress or Bluehost Website Builder. Click on the latter 
  4. When you click on Bluehost Website Builder, you will be guided through every step involved in the setup, where you will be directed to do the following:
  • Chose a name and category
  • Set your cover image
  • Upload your logo
  • Choose either a dark or light theme, select your colour palette
  • Choose your style
  • Set up your contact details. Note, remember to always click on continue after completing each.

How to choose your domain name

Choosing a domain name is one crucial aspect of building a website. As defined by Bluehost, a domain name is an online address for your website. It is like a contact number on your android device. Instead of typing in your IP address into your browser, you just input your domain name. 

Buying a domain name with Bluehost grants you the ability to create an easily customizable website 

Sometimes it is tempting to choose a name that sounds cute and flashy. However, it is best to pick a domain name that depicts your brands’ service and is easy for people to remember.

When choosing a domain name, select a short domain and capture the relevant keywords so that your website is easily accessible to your website visitors.

Avoid using special characters to make it difficult for your visitors to remember and type into their browser. It is advisable that you include only letters numbers or hyphens to your domain name. Sign up on Bluehost here and get about 40% discount..This offer ends soon

Accessing your control panel

Unlike the popular cPanel control panel, Bluehost’s control panel is more customized and enhanced, making it easy to use. Whether you are an expert user or just a newbie, Bluehost works hard to see that its cPanel matches your hosting needs.

I desire to have more than one website, and it is possible to create and manage your websites with Bluehost cPanel.

The most intriguing thing about Bluehost cPanel is the ease with which you can switch from a different hosting company to Bluehost.  

The easiest way to find your cPanel is through the Bluehost website. Right there on the Bluehost website, you will find your cPanel on the advanced tab. Click on the cPanel login button and input your login details.

One other way to access your control panel is to log in from your website. If your website’s domain is live on Bluehost’s servers, you can access your cPanel by simply typing your domain name in your browser.

Domain management

As you already know, your domain name makes it easy for people to find your business online. It also leaves the first impression about your website. Managing your domain with Bluehost comes with many attractive benefits:

  • Bluehost prevents your domain from expiring
  • Your website visitors are automatically redirected to their desired location
  • Bluehost also prevents unauthorized transfers on your domain
  • You can manage every section of your website’s domain

Easy domain management

Domain security 

Excellent support 

The domain manager is that place where you carry out every change on your domain. Sometimes, you may decide to change your contact information, renewal options, locking, privacy settings, etcetera.

Whether you have an active hosting account or not, you can still access your Bluehost Domain Manager whenever you want to manage your domain(s). 

If your hosting account has not been active, it doesn’t stop you from gaining access to your domain manager.

To effect a change:

  • Log in to your Bluehost account
  • Head over to the Domains menu

How to Install WordPress with Bluehost

In recent times, WordPress has evolved from being just an ordinary blogging system to a complete content management system. 

Ready to install WordPress on your site? With Bluehost, it is a stress-free process installing WordPress and other third-party scripts. But before then, you need to create an account with Bluehost.

To install WordPress using Bluehost, you will need access to your Bluehost Control Panel. The steps installing WordPress are listed below:

  1. Select a Bluehost plan
  2. Choose a Domain name
  3. Finish signing up
  4. Log in and Install WordPress
  5. Launch Your Site
  1. Select a Domain Plan

Before installing WordPress, you must first choose a hosting plan that meets your needs and budget. Selecting a suitable WordPress hosting plan that is suitable for you could be a bit challenging. But not to worry, Bluehost has three website hosting plans you can choose from. It all depends on the kind of website you want to build.

There are three hosting plans available on Bluehost

  • Shared WordPress Hosting

This package is suitable for small or low traffic sites like blogs, streaming websites, small businesses, portfolio websites, etcetera. This plan gives you access to all the WordPress tools, support and resources needed for successful hosting.  If you are unsure what plan is most suitable for you, we suggest going with the shared hosting plan. It is the cheapest of them all. As of writing this article, the shared WordPress Hosting cost only $4.95 a month. Sign up on Bluehost here and get about 40% discount..This offer ends soon

  • Managed WordPress Hosting Plan

The managed WordPress hosting plan is best for both medium and high traffic generating websites. This package will help you grow your business rapidly with scalable site features and bandwidth. The managed WordPress hosting will cost you $9.95 a month. 

  • Online Store Hosting Plans

This plan is specially prepared for people looking to market their products and services online. All three plans are owned and powered by WordPress. Buying this hosting plan gives you access to reliable tools, guidance and security so that you sell effectively online. 

The online stores’ plan is the most expensive. If this plan suits your needs, you only spend $12.95 a month.

  1. Choose a domain name

The next step after selecting a plan is to choose a domain name. as you know already, a domain name is just like an address where visitors can find your site. If you have a domain name that you want to use, you can insert it in the drop-down menu right under “create new domain”.

  1. Finish signing up

After choosing your domain name, it is time to test your new Bluehost plan.  On the last page, you will input your domain name, payment information and address. At this stage, you will confirm the hosting plan you want and the duration you wish to.

  1. Log in and Install WordPress

Now you are ready to install WordPress with Bluehost. Ironically, this is the most straightforward aspect because Bluehost offers free WordPress installation, so you don’t need to worry much about tech issues.

Sign in to your Bluehost dashboard.

Click on the “My Sites” Tab.

On the next tab, click on “create site”.

Enter a name and tagline for your website. This will create the first impression for your site.

  1. Launch your site

Having come this far, you can go and design your site as you desire. On the windows, click “Log in to WordPress.” You’ll be redirected to your WordPress dashboard. This is where you can redesign your website’s layout. You can also choose a pre-built theme. 

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