BlueHavoc Vol 1 Avante Garde:Poetry of a few words

BlueHavoc Vol 1

BlueHavoc Vol 1 – Presenting a collection of thoughts, experiences, fantasies, and a general outlook of budding poet.
The thing is When you write Poetry and your Alter Ego is a Rapper, ‘Blue Havoc Vol 1’ is the result.
Don’t Trip.
This is a Poetry collection for folks who find the wiles of conventional Poetry too ‘dramatic’, filled with too much twists and turns,this time The poet aims to get the message across while employing everyday lingua.

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Don’t worry, you’re not losing out, you still get the full dose of emotions and ‘tingliness’ Poetry has been giving us since forever.
It’s divided into three sections for easy pickings as suits your fancy.
1.Poems of Reflections and meditation.
2.Poems of Love and Heartbreak.
3.Poems of society and soul.
Hope you have a great time.

Poet Name: BlueHavoc