Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club By Alexander Hope PDF

Download Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club By Alexander Hope PDF book free online – From Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club By Alexander Hope PDF: J.J. Rotelli, the local butcher, and Duke Hogan, the local singing plumber help Nickel Nose Jones dig a tunnel, from his used car lot, under the Cedar Lake State Bank next door. The trio need the money to pay off two loan sharks for the money used to save the Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club. The club is in a huge barn on the outskirts of Cedar Lake; it is a chick magnet.


At The Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club, cars and pickup trucks are lined up along the road on both sides. Some cars are parked in the fields around the warehouse. A large electrical sign mad e with colored light bulbs sits on top of the warehouse. It reads: “The Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club.” A line of mostly older people snakes along the dirt path.

Bunches of women talk to each other and look around at the single men bunched together in different locations in the ticket line. Five Sicilians dressed to the nines are collecting parking fees and than nailing the older people for a protection fee. The fee is to make sure their cars and trucks are not damaged “accidentally”” while their owners are at the dance.

There is a ticket-taker at the open door of the warehouse.

Music blasts through the warehouse. Two young boys hang from the rafters high above the Nudist Section. A three piece group is on the bandstand playing ‘Blue Moon’ as back-up. Duke pats down his bad hairpiece then sings. “Blue moon I saw you standing alone.”

In the men’s room at the back of the warehouse. Nickel Nose Jones is being held up against the wall by the two Sicilian brothers: Big Boy Rococo and Chucky Boy Rococo.

“Nickel Nose, we want our money, or we torch this place. We torch your car lot. We torch Duke’s plumbing joint. We torch J.J.’s butcher shop. It all goes up unless you pay the money and the vig. You get the picture?” Big Boy says.

“Yeah, you guys got a wholesale deal on torches.”

Chucky Boy slams his fist into Nickel Nose’s stomach.

“Okay, Funnyman, now you got the picture.”

Nickel Nose holds his injured stomach and grunts. “Listen fellows, I ah, just need a little time. We got big plans for ‘The Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club.’”

“That’s a coincidence. “Chucky Boy says. “We got big plans for ‘The Blue Moon Lonely Hearts Club’ also.” The Brothers laugh.

“I’ll cut you in. You guys can have a big cut of J.J.’s ‘Sausage On a Stick’ concession.

With the right color combination and maybe some added menu items this could be one of the best franchises for the coming decade.”

Big Boy grabs Nickel Nose by the throat and speaks to him nose to nose. “We get the money or I shove J.J.’s Sausage On a Stick up your nose”

“You fellows is real smart so I’m sure you have been searching for investments with a high rate of return. ‘Sausage On a Stick.’ ‘S.O.S.’ gets my vote.”

“Your demise gets my vote.” The Brothers laugh.

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