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Download Bliss By Rachel Rae Pdf book free online – from Bliss By Rachel Rae Pdf book; Steamy romance. Kierra is a typical high school senior, set in her ways and ready to crush any sign of opposition. When Giann comes and makes claim on Kierra’s territory the whole school is forced to choose sides. Kierra soon learns that things aren’t always as they seem.


I’m not a lesbian. I don’t get off seeing girls in the locker room. I have a boyfriend and I love him. He’s a football player, for the love of Pete! But that didn’t stop me I guess. I couldn’t stop.

I remember the day I first saw her. All the guys I knew had been raving about the new girl in town. I didn’t even have to meet the girl to know she was bad news. I mean you should have seen what she wore on her first day.

It was second period and Principal Owens walked in looking unusually flushed. I looked over to Casey, my best friend, “Did someone put peanut butter in the guy’s coffee again?”

Casey shrugged and shook her head. “It’s the new girl.”

“What do you mean? What she do?”

Before my question could be answered, she came in. I didn’t feel the need to pay attention. She and I weren’t in the same class of people. I was the field hockey captain and goalie, and leading high jumper in track. I lifted weights afterschool and I beat up my boyfriend when he first tried to get into my pants. She was different.

I rolled my eyes and sighed loudly as Owens introduced the girl. Ryan (bf) was sitting behind me and was throwing paper at my back. I turned around and gave him my deepest glare. He just smiled the tomcat smile of his and wiggled his brows. I rolled my eyes again and shook my head. If he thought one more Barbie wannabe in our school threatened me he could forget it. I could take on anyone one of them ***** and win on my worst day.

I idly thumped my pencil against my desk. I just wanted Owens to hurry up and start his lecture so that the class would be over sooner. If I had just been contented with tapping my foot. But I had to flick my pencil. It slipped from my hand and rolled to the floor. Before I could pick it up she did.

My eyes started at the floor as French manicured tips lifted my No. 2 utensil into her grasp. White patented leather sandals covered her pink pedicure. Rosy, smooth calves brought me up further to her mini skirt. No, excuse me, micro-mini denim. An adorable white polo was attended by a denim short jacket. Her doll face make-up completed her fetch ensemble. Oh, so cute…ack! If that wasn’t enough she wore a Marilyn Monroe cut to her obviously dyed hair. I was sick enough already. The only thing that didn’t piss me off was her eyes. They were a sweet brown that gave her an innocent look, perfect for a slut like her.

I stared her down and pulled a strand of my newly tinted curls out of my face. I pursed my lips and then smiled. Her doe eyes blinked twice before she lightly placing my pencil back on my desk. I bit my tongue to keep myself from scoffing. Oh it was on! I dare her to get in my way.

She did later that day. I had gone to the office to hand the guidance counselor a note from my dad. And Mr. Burns was at the secretary’s desk. That man is so gross.

Mr. Burns came to our school my freshman year. But I hadn’t had to see him till this year. But all previous year rumors passed down from the senior girls and whispers at lockers told of Mr. Burns appreciation of his female students. But as a freshman and sophomore I was green and naive. I thought the older girls were just putting us on, ya know. Scaring us like as a rite of passage just like making us moo at the lunch counter when dairy was ordered, or washing the football teams equipment, jock straps included. Yet my senior first day I learned the truth. Bliss By Rachel Rae Pdf

First week you always dress to impress. School photos for us were that Wednesday. Because the shoot was going to be full body, I couldn’t get by with my nice top and baggy jeans were my signature picture day look. No, I wore a light green camisole that made my chest look perfect. Then I had this black smooth flirt skirt that I got thrift shopping one weekend. It hug my hips then flared out to my thighs, showing off my legs and butt in a two for one deal. Mary-janes and a ebony shawl settled the score. I know I cleaned up nice. Of course I could have waited to change but it’s a custom for senior to wear their picture day did through all periods. I looked really good that day, and Ryan in is black button down and emerald tie made it better.

Well anyone, Wednesdays are my D-days. Which means I have Mr. Burns for two whole periods. Ugh! He seemed ok at first. You know that kinda new teacher still getting in the groove. “We can’t be friends, but friendly” type of guy. He just walked up and down the aisles reading, and stopping every so often. It seemed weird but teacher normal. Until Casey caught my attention. We both watched him as he read the next paragraphs, continuing to stop now even dropping his pencil. I furrowed my brow wanted Casey to say something that was worth my attention. Then He stopped in front of Andr?a Miller, class, no school, ****.

It happened in slow motion. First Mr. Burns dropped his book. And Andr?a smiled. MR. Burns began his descent to kneel. I looked down to his book, which was near her feet. And would you believe it, Andr?a’s leg parted like the red sea. MR. Burns didn’t even reach the floor all the way. His eyes zeroed in on her crotch I swear what seemed ten minutes! And it didn’t stop there. Andr?a bent over in her desk and practically popped her (nonexistent) cleavage at him. And I wasn’t looking but I’m telling you, I saw nipple. Bliss By Rachel Rae Pdf

Then the creep smiled too. Like both of them were sharing a secret. Um, no the whole class could see. Gross, right? No surprise that Ms. Miller has an A, the only one in her high school career. And all other girls that gave him a peek-see never get points docked from late work. The only ones who complain are the boys. Me, that’s the only class I’m not late on anything. So maybe those girls are actually doing well on their own and the boys are full of ****, but I’m not about to risk my GPA to find for sure.

That was all to say Mr. Burns is a ******* creep. And that Giann she was in the office the same time as me. She sat applying a new coat of sealer to her tips. I rolled my eyes to myself and waited for the secretary to notice. Mr. Burns, of course, was first to notice. I felt his stare before I saw him. Light needles dances up my bare calves combined with a chill. Our eyes made contact, but I could feel needles elsewhere. I tilted my head to the sided and winced hoping he’d look away. Teacher was not my type. After getting his fill, Burns pointed me out to the secretary. I stood and took three large steps to the desk and she as a sight to see.

So I have a big chest for a sports player, and the woman had plenty to share. She made my D look premature. And I bet she could hide her whole purse in that cleavage. I handed her my slip keeping all my thoughts to myself. I assume she began to pull up my file and notify the right people. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that Giann was no longer sitting. Hmm, bet Burns would love her. I eyed him with my lids lowered pretending to play with the stapler. I knew from Ryan he was about 6’2 and toned. As the boys track coach he had to be. But that’s all anyone. He had no ring, but that didn’t rule out a girlfriend. Apparently he wasn’t big on PTA or staff parties, he was just there. Bliss By Rachel Rae Pdf

A faint whisper of my name drew me back to focus as I kicked my subconscious. What the f**k, Burns? Ahagh, no way. I blinked and leaned against the side. “Yeah?”

The secretary jiggled her chest and flipped her hair. “I’m not exactly sure what to do with this, honey.”

Honey, I hated when adults say that. It’s demeaning and retarded all in one breath.

“My dad wanted me to take it easy. Since the accident he says I haven’t been coping. Figures I need to live through the Exhaustion stage rather than pass it by.”

“And who is your dad, honey?”

“Oh you know him. Dr. Niles Thompson, LLC. Wrote a book, and is a partner in this towns only doctors office.” Like people didn’t know my dad. Dr. Watson owned the Fit for Life clinic. He handled most of the general needs. There were others for heart, dietary, and enhancement service. But my dad is whom people went to when they started seeing people no one else could see.

The secretary nodded, clearly not listening to me and typed it up, I bet every word.

“So I’m assuming, that means you don’t have you report to give to me, Miss Thompson.” Burns’ finger trailed up and down my arms. I shivered and turned out of his reach.

“Nah, I got you paper. Just gonna be a bit slow on future things.”

“That’s too bad.”