Bleeding Realms by Nina Walker PDF

Bleeding Realms by Nina Walker PDF

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Until now…

Hazel Forrester barely survived her attacker—she’s lucky to be alive. Self-preservation would be the smart way to finish the semester. She ought to lay low, attempt normalcy, and stay far away from all things supernatural. Except she can’t help but seek out the darkness which is following her, not even if her life depends on it.

Which it does…

Khali doesn’t like the human realm. It’s too different, Dean is still keeping secrets, the police are asking questions, and being connected to Hazel is turning out to be a nightmare. Worst of all, her magic is fading fast. Maybe she can get her power back, escape her forced engagement, and save her kingdom without help from the other realms, without Dean or Hazel, or any of these complicated people.

Or maybe not…

The much-anticipated sequel to Crown of Dragons, Kingdom of Spirits, takes you into the overlapping world where dark paranormal romance meets high fantasy. Dragons, fae, warlocks, ghosts, reapers, and more create a dangerous ensemble in this beloved series by the USA Today bestselling author, Nina Walker. For ages 14+, one-click today!


It is highly recommended for you to read the first book before starting this one as you will be confused if you just start here. This is the continuation of a fascinating story told by the two main characters, Khali and Hazel. Alternating chapters share the pov and the storyline as it crosses realms. We have our hunky hero Dean who is just trying to keep these ladies safe but they are brave and strong and determined to do the right thing for themselves. Hazel has the elemental power of spirit, allowing her to see not only spirits from our human world but also supernaturals from the other realm. Khali is the Dragon blessed intended queen able to use all four elemental powers, earth, air, water and fire but something happens when these two ladies connect, Hazel”s power grows while Khali seems to loose her power and ability to shift into her dragon.

Hazel is saved from the reapers who shouldn’t be in the human realm at the end of book one and spends book two trying to find a way to send them back. Khali just wants to return to her realm but had hoped Dean would be able to help her rescue his brother Bram and prevent his evil and power hungry brother Silas but soon realized that she would need to do this herself. Captured by Silas and his dragon guards and forced into a necklace that syphons her power to Silas, you almost think there will be no hope but with the help of some old friend and a new pixie, Khali escapes.

I won’t spoil the surprises for you but we end this book on some happy and sad notes and are left waiting to see how it will all be resolved in the future books. I really enjoyed the characters and the adventures they experienced along with the slow burn romance. I highly recommend this book for older teens due to the dark nature of some of the content with the evil characters and the resulting abuse caused by them.

Review of Bleeding Realms by Nina Walker PDF

I received an advance copy from the author.

After finishing Crown of Dragons, I knew that the wait for Kingdom of Spirits would be long, and it most certainly was, but it also did not disappoint! I absolutely flew through this book, falling easily back into the world and the characters as if I had only finished the first book yesterday and not 4 months ago. The events of the first book stayed stuck in my mind, and this second one was accommodating in the sense that it wasn’t at all confusing for the reader, regardless of how long you go between reading books.

We pick up not long after the first book ended, with all the same questions that Hazel has. I have to say I still like her better as a protagonist than Khali because she’s written more naturally. Khali’s like the protagonist we read about to escape life, whereas Hazel’s like the protagonist that realistically exists in life (minus the ghosts and reapers and all the supernatural stuff that she suddenly finds herself involved in). Even though in this book the supernatural stuff starts to heat up and the actual events of her life are less relatable, her personality still is. Nina Walker really should be commended for her ability to write likeable, relatable characters, because in my experience, that’s a really hard thing to do.

Kingdom of Spirits was just as good as the first, if not better. It was way less predictable and far more suspenseful; I was on the edge of my seat pretty much from start to finish. And the ending was just as cruel. I don’t just want to know what happens next; I need to know. I just really hope that I don’t have to wait as long to get my hands on the third book because I don’t know if I could handle it. So, until that happens, I’m just going to go find a corner to sit in and rethink everything I’ve ever thought about this series. And cry.

Review of Bleeding Realms by Nina Walker PDF

For those who have yet to read book one: you’ll need to or be completely lost in this story. This book picks up where the other one finishes, throwing you right in the middle of the conflict. The theme of this book seems to be to survive and conquer. A strong theme, yes, but leaves this book feeling not as fulfilling as the previous one as well as having slow pacing. However, this is a bridging book, a slow-building of all the pieces on the board for the climax and resolution.

Despite its shortcomings, it was good to see our three protagonists grow in their roles and become more comfortable with the deck fate has dealt to them. Dean continues to become more likeable and is a clear knight in shining armour – and while the Khali and Hazel are hardly damsels in distress, he’s a temperate beacon they can look toward for guidance. Khali is done waiting and takes affairs into her own hands, with lots of growth in this book. I looked forward to her chapters and found it hard to go back to Hazel’s narrative of just trying to figure it out one day at a time.

What a cliffhanger though! This book will leave you wishing the last book was already released!

It will be interesting to see how Nina Walker wraps up the third book. Who will be lost in this war? Who will survive – and at what cost?


Nina Walker is a USA Today and Amazon Top 100 Bestselling author. She lives near the beautiful red mountains of southern Utah with her family. She writes across multiple YA genres and loves metaphysical magic systems, forbidden love interests, and unexpected plot twists. She takes pride in publishing books for both teens and adults to enjoy.

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  • Author: Nina Walker
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