Blame It On The Eggnog by Samantha Baca Pdf

Download Blame It On The Eggnog by Samantha Baca Pdf.Being Sugarplum Falls’ most sought-after nanny was something that I prided myself on. I was great with

kids, and I hadn’t met a parent who I didn’t have a great relationship with. That was until I met Elliott Weston.

He was new to town and as grumpy as he was good-looking. When he offered me the job— with the requirement that I would work exclusively for him— I couldn’t turn it down. It wasn’t just the outrageous salary that had me on board, it was the little boy with sparkling blue eyes that did me in.

I tried to remain professional and keep my focus on his son, but Elliott was a distraction I never saw coming. Just like the unexpected blizzard that kept me stranded at his house, making it even harder to ignore the heat radiating between us.

When I finally started to let my guard down, a curveball was thrown my way and challenged everything I thought I wanted.


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