Blackmail By Paramita Choudhury Pdf

Blackmail By Paramita Choudhury Pdf

Download Blackmail By Paramita Choudhury Pdf book free online – from Blackmail By Paramita Choudhury Pdf book; We have always known that love is blind, but is it blind enough for us to fall in love with someone who was meant to be a bait?

Zack Robenstein the CEO of a multimillionaire company has been blackmailed for the a few years for a mistake he had done in the past. Zack is a playboy and never cares to remember the name of the girls who swoon all over him. But now his life changes when he fall for his secretary Miss Sara Aaland, a woman who doesn’t seem to care of his handsome features and with a few secrets of her own.

Excerpt from the novella:

After two years

I need to be quite composed in front of her can’t let myself loose, Zack spoke to himself. He was the CEO of Raven Smuts, a man with blue eyes, square jaw, cheek bones prominent which he had acquired traditionally. At 6 feet 3, with jet black hair and golden brown skin he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the corporate world. At 26 he ran a multimillionaire company. Staring at his face in the mirror he smiled She will truly fall for that handsome face of yours. Then another thought hovered over him What if she already has a boyfriend. But he buried the thought immediately and a grin spread in his face because he had the habit of acquiring anything and everything he wanted. Though he was a dominator, yet he couldn’t force her, he had to win her love. His phone beeped after a minute and he realized that it was time for him to get ready. After quickly checking the schedule for the day; he got concerned -he had a meeting with the Jenson’s who owned one of the biggest make up accessories industry in the US, how am I going to deal with them when I don’t have any of memorandums prepared, his mind shifted back to her again, last week it was because of her that they got the tender, wearing a black business suit when she appeared in front of the shareholders, they couldn’t take their eyes off her, she shouldn’t wear the black business suit today, I couldn’t take my eyes off her when she wore it last time and made a fool out of myself in front of everyone when they found me gaping at her. He vowed not to make the same mistake today; I have to control my feelings. After all she is a colleague and it was his rule not to mingle with the colleagues. Keeping these thoughts aside he quickly dressed up in an Armani Grey suit.

“Ben you know I don’t like Spaghetti for breakfast and still” his sentence was cut short due to a phone call from an unknown number which had been disturbing him for more than a year.”So, what’s your problem now?” Zack asked while taking the call.” Man you see I ran out of money again and the sergeant was troubling me, I thought of letting out the truth but “there was laughter on the other side “you can shut my mouth”, Zack was trembling with anger and fear; no way could he let out the secret which he had borne for more than five years due to some money sucker.”Alright how much do you want?” there was silence before the person spoke up; “umm…$1000 will do for three months”, “Ok I will send the money, you tell me the address”, all this while Ben had been silently listening to their conversation. He was more of an uncle like figure for Zack and the only family left after his mothers’ death, which took place in a car accident which took place ten years back. Ben had been providing his services for the family for 20 years and since then had always been on Zack’s side.” Why don’t you inform the feds about this anonymous person?” Ben asked while serving the spaghetti. But Zack was not ready to face the long question answer sessions which follow soon after he informed the Fed agents” You know I am a business man and do you know what the paparazzi will make out of all this.” Leaving his breakfast in mid-way he said with a frown “I’m late already and I won’t tolerate these Italian strings from tomorrow.” He decided to drive by himself to the office today. His adrenaline had been pushing up from a long time. Let’s see how you make me feel baby; he thought while getting on the Lamborghini which he bought the day before. Zack was attracted to the red color and sleek design of the car. Italian strings may not sound good but they have great taste of cars, his heart still beating hard after the conversation with his blackmailer. He started the car wasting no more time and tuned the mp3 to Lords of Summer by Metallica. This song usually cooled his mind and he could think rationally.


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