Bittersweet by Sabrina Bowen Pdf

Bittersweet by Sabrina Bowen Pdf

Download Bittersweet by Sabrina Bowen Pdf book free online. Griffin Shipley doesn’t anticipate running into his ex-hookup in a ditch on his country road in Vermont. They had a few passionate dates five years ago, but that was a long time ago. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

At age 27, Griff has unintentionally become the head of his family’s farm. Supporting his mother, his three siblings, and a doofy grandfather strains even his massive shoulders. He has no time for the sorority girl who arrived expecting to purchase his produce for a discounted price.

Audrey Kidder never intended to visit Vermont. Griff Shipley was not either. She needs a second chance, though, with the restaurant corporation that hired her. Alright, another chance. And she won’t be hindered by some self-righteous lumbersexual farmer. They oppose each other. They have utterly different goals for their lives. Unfortunately, their sexual chemistry is even hotter than Audrey’s top-secret enchilada sauce.

About the Author

Twenty times, contemporary and LGBT romance novels by Sarina Bowen have made the USA Today bestsellers list. Sarina, a former derivatives trader on Wall Street, graduated from Yale University with a BA in economics. With her family, nine hens, and way too much hockey equipment, she resides in New Hampshire.

Download Bittersweet by Sabrina Bowen Pdf