Top 10 Best Websites for Book Lovers 2022

websites for Book lovers

Are you a book lover and you are looking for the best book websites to read online? Then you are in the right place.

Here on this page, I will share with you the Top 10 Best Websites for Book Lovers in 2022.

For every book lovers, there is this something about reading books, both e-books, e-pubs, fiction or non-fiction, fantasy or sci-fi, etc.

This magical something tends to drive many book lovers to an extent of making a trip to any bookstore or library in search of that specific book.

However, many find themselves worried when if they could not get the particular books they are looking for.

Nevertheless, I have a solution for you. Here is a list of 10 book websites to read online, especially for every book lovers.

10 Best Websites for Book Lovers 2022

See the list of Book websites to read online for free as a Book lover.

1. Goodreads

Goodreads is the first book website on our list here and it’s one of the best websites for every book lovers.

If you want to know or read the latest book details, reviews, interviews, feedbacks, and discussions, then this website is a good one for you.

2. Amazon

This is an amazing book website that had completely changed the book market and making books very much accessible.

Oh Yeah, Amazon happens to be featured on our list here because of its specialty in ordering and delivering a book as fast as possible.

Books on Amazon are very much affordable and a good fit for every book lovers to check out.

3. Project Gutenberg

If you are a book lover and you’re looking for free books? Then Project Gutenberg is the right place for it.

This website is the oldest and largest collection of free books on the Internet.

They also make provisions for audio-books to make it evenly available for their fans.

4. Whichbook

You are done reading a particular book and you’re thinking of the next book to read? Whichbook can help you choose that.

This website helps you to choose what to read or the right book to read next.

You can interact with some personality sliders to help you decide what book to read next.

Also, the website makes provisions for users to screen news books anytime any day.

5. ReadPrint

This is another website that offers free books and makes it available to download and access with any device.

ReadPrint has almost the same features as Project Gutenberg and you can get book topics on fiction, non-fiction, etc.

6. Google Book Search

Google as the king of Search engine also provides access for Book Search, including e-books, magazines, journals, etc.

Of course, you shouldn’t be surprised to see it featured here on our list. Google Book Search is one of the websites for book lovers.

One special thing about Google Book Search is that once you search for a specific line of text from a book, it will show you the best place and location where you can buy it.

7. Indie Store Finder

Are you looking for that nearby bookstore in your area, then Indie Store Finder is here to help you.

This website is the perfect tool to find books for every book lover located in the United States.

You just have to enter your zip code on the Indie Store Finder website and you will be provided with a list of all bookstores around your area.


As a book lover, knowing the best price for the books you wish to buy is an interesting thing. provides access for users to compare books across major bookstores and retailers to find the one close to you at a cheaper price.

You can search for books on the website with the book title, state, shipping details, and price.

9. Comics Alliance

Do you know that comic books count as books as well? For every Comic Book Lovers, this website is the best fit for you.

Comic Alliance is one of the great websites for book lovers most especially for Comic Book Lovers.

This website is the last bus stop for everything comics that features updated and latest news, releases, opinions, and other things on comic books.

10. BookTree

Oh Yeah, this is the last one on our list here today, and obviously the last but not the least. is a Free Books website for book lovers, where you can read reviews, publications, and news on any type of book.

With over 4K uploaded books and counting, you can get to download free PDF and ePub Books Online on the website.

So, there you have it on the best websites for Book Lovers in 2020. Get in on any of the sites above on the list and explore the website.

If you know other websites or you think we missed an important website, you can let us know via the comment section below.

We would love to know about other websites available for book lovers to read and download books online.

Thank you!

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