Working remotely has become quite popular these days especially since the COVID pandemic. If you’re looking for the best Information Technology jobs that can be done remotely, here’s a perfect list for you.

We would focus on going to look at the best remote jobs, how lucrative they are and what it takes to get them.

Let’s get started…


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1.Software Engineer

You just put down software engineering when making a list of top I.T remote jobs as it ranks as one of the best.

Software engineering is a process that involves the application of engineering processes to analyze user requirements and then design, build, and test software applications that will satisfy those requirements. It is a broad field that includes web development, mobile app development, and other types of software engineering Software Engineers regularly earn over $100K annually working remotely. 

Recently a higher percentage of software engineers work remotely, either as freelancers or for a single employer. It is also one of the easiest types of work for getting an employer to let you go remote.

Here are some online coding booth camps if you want to learn these skills and start a career path in software engineering. Treehouse, Lambda School, Fullstack Academy, She Codes, etc.

Some tech job boards like,, StackOverflow Jobs, TechCareers can help you find a job if you have mastered the skills already.

2. UX/UI Designer

This term simply stands for user experience & user interface. This job requires total focus on what the online consumer or user sees or experiences with interacting with the chosen website or software.

UI/UX designers may survey users, observe behaviour and patterns recorded via software, and come up with possible improvements or changes to help attract users, keep people on the website longer, or achieve a number of other goals that align with the company’s products. 

You require training, takes some time, and may not be as easy to break into as some of the others mentioned above, but it is a great and highly lucrative remote job once you’ve mastered the skill.

3. Social Media Manager

This is a rapidly growing aspect in remote I.T jobs as practically every company has social accounts these days ranging from Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and sometimes YouTube or LinkedIn aimed to reach their target audience.

These companies need someone to manage these accounts and provide premium content to their online audience. This is a relatively new field with very low competition so if you have this expertise, you can easily land a high-paying location-dependent job. 

You can either work as a freelancer and manage the social media accounts of multiple small companies, charge monthly and have 5-10 clients or be attached to a single brand.

4. Product Designer

This needs a knowledge of UI/UX but involves more as well. Product designers take an idea or concept through to becoming a real product that’s ready to be sold. This is a very lucrative job that’s location-independent in the technology space. A product designer starts with sketches to prototypes and goes all the way through to testing and finalizing a product that’s ready for consumers to use. 

5. Product Manager

A Product Manager is responsible for overseeing the success of a product released by the UI/UX and product designers.

They work with a product that’s already on the market and being sold and continuously work to try to grow and improve the product. They may decide to take ownership of one single product or specific parts of a large software platform. For example, at Jumia, there isn’t just going to be one Product Manager, even though it’s technically one app/service.

Even if you choose a large tech company or a smaller start-up, product management is a  very lucrative remote job.

6. Web Designer

Maybe software development doesn’t excite you, you could consider applying to be a web designer or learning web design instead. Programmers cannot just create a web page, a web designer is needed to put the graphics in place, arrange the layout, the buttons, and choose the right colours, and many more. 

It’s easy to become wealthy as a remote web designer, either while freelancing, working for an agency, a large corporation.

Being a web designer, you’ll be required to work closely with highly tech-focused people like software engineers but you would not be needing the same technical background.

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