Best Apps for Books on Your Phone

Smartphone apps for reading books are an excellent way to make you trouble-free during your vacations or travelling journeys. If you’re a regular reader, you know how tough it can be to figure out how to bring your books with you everywhere you go. While riding the metro, going to the beach, or travelling. Nevertheless, carrying them around the whole trip is a big hassle. 

On the other hand, it is the worst dread for many people to be without a book when on vacation or a holiday trip. Fortunately, many mobile apps to read books for free (both online and offline) are available to help you resolve this issue.  

Whether you’re using an Android or an iOS device, a smartphone, or a tablet, keep your charger nearby and choose one of these terrific reading apps online to ensure that you never run out of your favourite books to read again.

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Best reading apps for Android

  1. Google Books

Google Books is a massive library of books that Google has scanned and converted into accessible files.

The Google Books homepage, found at, is nothing more than a search box. To begin browsing this extensive collection of digital books, you must first enter something, such as the name of your favorite classic author or the title of a book, into the search bar.

Pricing: Free


This app offers more of a bare-bones approach than the others. It enables users to manually enter titles or search for them using ISBN or barcodes, and it allows them to filter by several metrics, including author name. It’s completely free, and the Google Play store gives it a 4.4 rating. It is the best app to read books for free on Android.

Pricing: Free

  1. Moon + Reader

Moon Reader is a simple and powerful reader that allows you to turn your Android smartphone into a valid small eBook. Moon Reader offers a user-friendly and straightforward interface that will enable you to begin reading any digital book saved on your device’s internal memory in a matter of seconds. 

Moon Reader is free to download and use. Furthermore, changing the font, choosing the type, and changing the size will be a joy with only a few simple touchscreen motions on your phone.

Pricing: Free


A great approach to discovering new writers is reading free sample chapters, short stories, and even novels on the platform. It automatically syncs with your Kindle Fire. At the end of 2015, this app was created for Android and Kindle Fire devices that allow users to wirelessly download the book to their device from their computer or phone. It certainly makes it simpler to download books from your smartphone over wireless networks.

Pricing: Paid

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Best reading apps for iPhone

  1. Apple Books

Apple’s book-reading application (formerly known as iBooks) receives occasional updates. It usually updates with the release of a new iOS version. There is, however, no better option for anybody searching for an app that is completely integrated with the iOS and iPadOS operating systems than this one.

Apple Books is the only app for the iPad and iPhone that allows you to purchase eBooks and audiobooks straight from inside the app. Apple receives a colossal fee for all in-app sales, which is why competing for eBook platforms.

But we want to add a little warning that downloading unfamiliar apps is not safe. For such cases, it is better to download a free mobile VPN and be sure of your privacy. You can also pay attention only to verified applications or read comments before downloading.

The most significant upgrade to Apple Books includes a new Reading Now area that opens quickly, improved library management, and an automated night theme.

Pricing: Free


Book Crawler is another excellent cataloging tool that allows you to construct an easily searchable list of your books. It integrates with Goodreads, enabling you to read reviews of titles you haven’t read yet or discover how your book preferences vary from those of your friends and other users.

Pricing: Free

  1. GERTY

Gerty is an app for readers who long for the days when they could take literature courses in college. While it is mainly an e-reader, it can also arrange physical books and eBooks on shelves, which is helpful while traveling. The note-taking and journaling capabilities allow you to annotate your reading experience in various entertaining and engaging ways.

Pricing: Free

  1. RECO

Indigo’s social book recommendation tool, a publicly-traded Canadian business that trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange, is RECO (IDG). RECO’s free iOS app offers users a place to find, share, capture, and discuss excellent books based on recommendations from friends and trustworthy professionals, all in one convenient location. A worldwide platform, RECO enables readers to buy books in any format from a diverse choice of sellers, depending on location in which they reside.

Pricing: Free

When downloading these reading apps online, it is essential not to forget about data security and privacy. Therefore, it is necessary to install a VPN on your iPhone or Android. You can download VPN for Android from VeePN, one of the fastest-growing VPN companies.

Listed above are the top reading apps online currently available on the Apple and Android app stores. Check the applications mentioned above and choose the finest app for reading books to get you started reading and listening to the works of your favorite writers right now. Make an informed decision since all of the applications feature in-app purchases.

Your session of digital book reading is waiting for you. Learn to read, and you will be introduced to a whole new world of information and knowledge. Get started as soon as possible!

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