Berties Home By Madeline Leslie Pdf

Berties Home By  Madeline Leslie Pdf

Download Berties Home By Madeline Leslie Pdf book free online – from Berties Home By Madeline Leslie Pdf book; When I was a child I used to glance at the first sentence in a new book to see whether it looked interesting. If it began, “There was once a boy, who lived in a fine house,” I was encouraged to go on.

Now I wish to make these little books very interesting to my young readers. I want to have the words so simple that they can be read and not skipped over, and at the same time my object is to give you useful information. As you will learn, I am to tell you in these six volumes many things about building a house, and to explain the different kinds of labor or trades which are necessary for such a purpose; but first I shall introduce you to the family of Mr. Curtis, a gentleman who loves children and whom I am sure you will love before the book is finished.

my wife thought this better; and as I yield to her in matters of taste I changed to this spot.”

“This gives you a much better view,” the architect remarked quietly.

They walked here and there, two or three times. Mr. Rand took a rule from his pocket and measured the ground. Then he ran off by himself to the top of the little hill, and stood looking over the lake. All this time he had scarcely answered Mr. Curtis’ questions. He was thinking. At last his face lighted up with a smile, and he exclaimed,–

“I have it; just the thing. How would you like a stone house? You have plenty of material on your land.”

“A stone house is too damp,” answered Mr. Curtis, shaking his head. “No, I prefer a well-made wooden house with back plaster and tarred paper to keep out the wind. I can use all my stone in building walls around my farm.”

“How much land is there?”

“Sixty acres in this piece; and I have just purchased twenty more of wood

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