Bert Lloyd’s Boyhood By J. Macdonald Oxley Pdf

Bert Lloyd's Boyhood By  J. Macdonald Oxley Pdf

Download Bert Lloyd’s Boyhood By J. Macdonald Oxley Pdf book free online – from Bert Lloyd’s Boyhood By J. Macdonald Oxley Pdf book; hardly be said to know his own mind as to his future.

The presence of the military in Halifax was far from being an unmixed good. Of course, it helped business, gave employment to many hands, imparted peculiar life and colour to society, and added many excellent citizens to the population. At the same time it had very marked drawbacks. There was always a great deal of drunkenness and other dissipation among the soldiers and sailors. The officers were not the most improving of companions and models for the young men of the place, and in other ways the city was the worse for their presence.

Mrs. Lloyd presently found the soldiers a source of danger to her boy. Just around the corner at the entrance to the old fort, already mentioned, was a guardhouse, and here some half-dozen soldiers were stationed day and night. They were usually jolly fellows, who were glad to get hold of little boys to play with, and thereby help to while away the time in their monotonous life. Cuthbert soon discovered the a


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