Benefits of Using a 24V trolling battery for Boating and Fishing

For avid boaters and fishermen, having the right equipment can make all the difference. If you are looking to get the most out of your time on the water, then a trolling battery is the perfect solution. Trolling batteries are designed specifically for boats and provide a reliable source of power for long-term use.

With a trolling battery, you can enjoy extended trips, efficient trolling speeds, and reliable power for your electronic devices, all while staying environmentally friendly. Whether you are a recreational boater or a serious angler, a 24V trolling battery is a perfect choice for reliable power and improved performance.

First, What Is A Trolling Battery?

A trolling battery is a portable electrical system designed to power electrical devices used on a boat. It’s also known as an “AC/DC converter” because it converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). The name comes from the fact that trolling batteries are often used to power trolling motor controllers or other devices used for trolling.

Trolling batteries are powered by a bank of lead-acid batteries. They are made to be portable, and many come with a carrying case for easy storage. The positive terminal of the trolling battery is connected to the boat’s main battery switch. The negative terminal of the trolling battery is connected to a charging system.

Important Benefits Of Using A Trolling Battery

  • Extended trips – Trolling batteries provide long-lasting power for longer trips. You don’t have to worry about being stranded on the water without the ability to power your electronics.
  • Efficiency – A trolling battery can charge while powering your electronics. This means you can set the trolling motor directly off of the trolling battery and save wear and tear on your engine.
  • Longer trolling speeds – Trolling batteries provide smooth power so you can control your trolling speeds more precisely. You don’t have to fight a slow trolling motor with a slow-spinning propeller.
  • Reliable power – A trolling battery is designed to provide reliable power over long periods. You don’t have to worry about running out of power.
  • Easier to find marine service providers – Trolling batteries are more common and will therefore be easier to find marine service providers. This means you can find someone who can help you maintain and repair your battery.

Basic Trolling Battery Specifications

The number of volts in a trolling battery varies from one brand to another. Generally, 24 volts is the best for most boating and fishing needs. However, this can be customized if you have a heavy-duty trolling motor. You want a trolling battery that outputs at least 6 amps for optimal performance.

Weight is important in trolling batteries, too. A heavier trolling battery is heavier, too, so you don’t want to overindulge in the weight department. A good rule of thumb is to not overindulge by 10% of the boat’s weight. That way, you’re not sacrificing the performance of the trolling battery over other things.

Properly Caring For Your Trolling Battery

  • Ensure that your trolling battery is maintained properly to get the most out of it. Some maintenance tasks include topping off the water and gas levels in the battery cells. You also need to drain the battery periodically to keep it from overcharging.
  • Defog the battery’s cooling system. Overheating is bad for the battery and will decrease its lifespan. A defogged system will help the battery keep its electrolyte level cool and increase its lifespan.
  • Make sure the lithium battery terminals are always clean and dry. Wipe the said terminals with rubbing alcohol regularly to prevent corrosion.
  • Make sure the battery’s temperature doesn’t exceed 80 degrees. Excess heat can negatively affect the battery.
  • Make sure the battery’s acid level is maintained. You can do this by topping off the acid or by using an automatic acid level checker.

The Importance Of Trolling Battery For Fishing And Boating

As mentioned, the benefits of using a trolling battery are clear: longer trips, better efficiency, longer trolling speeds, and reliable power. But what about the benefits of using a trolling battery for fishing and boating?

Trolling batteries are designed to provide reliable power over long periods. This means you can enjoy extended trips while staying safe and protected from power outages. You don’t have to worry about being stranded on the water because you have power, either.

A trolling battery also enables you to efficiently use your power. If you don’t have to worry about controlling power, you can use it for other things, like trolling. This can help your fishing experience, too. You can use your trolling motor’s power to power other electronics on your boat, like your fish finder. You can also use the power from your trolling motor to move your boat from place to place, like during low tide.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Trolling Battery

For one, always be sure to utilize your trolling battery fully. Don’t let one boat use all the power out of your trolling battery when you’re out boating. During low tide, move your boat from one location to another. If you have a trolling motor, use it to move your boat from one location to another.

Avoid overloading your trolling battery, which includes overcharging, discharging too many times, and leaving your battery on the charger for too long. Lastly, don’t overstock your boat with electronics. Each boat has different needs, so stock your boat with the essentials.

Trolling Battery Accessories And Upgrades

  • Mounting hardware – A trolling battery comes with mounting hardware and brackets. You can mount your battery to your deck or install a cradle on your boat, so your electronics are within reach while they are plugged into the battery.
  • Boost cables – Boost cables come in two types: automatic start and manual start. Automatic cables are designed to start when your trolling battery is running low. Manual cables must be manually started.
  • Back-up batteries – A backup battery is a second trolling battery that you keep in your garage or a storage unit. This way, if your trolling battery dies, you can have power in a matter of minutes.
  • Charger – A trolling battery has a built-in charging system. You can use this charging system to keep your battery topped off.
  • Waterproof cover – A waterproof cover prevents dirt and debris from damaging the outside of your battery. This prevents acid from escaping your battery and keeps your battery safe from damage.