Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell Pdf

Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell Pdf

Download Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell Pdf book free online. Betty is finally ready to start her life after the death of her grandmother Arlette. She’d given up university, parties, boyfriends, summer jobs, and all the other things a young woman’s life included in order to care for Arlette. She’s ready for anything life throws at her now, and because the will named a beneficiary she doesn’t know who lives in the city, she sets out to find her. GET FREE AUDIOBOOK

Arlette is beginning her new life in a postwar London in the 1920s. She’s seduced into a hedonistic lifestyle by her beauty and magnetism, but tragedy strikes, and she flees back to her childhood home.

When Betty’s search leads her to a guy – someone who meant everything to her grandmother – the mysteries of Arlette’s past may be able to assist Betty in finding her own path to happiness in the present.

Before I Met You is an extraordinary novel about two very different women, separated by 70 years but joined by great hearts and even bigger goals. It is a fascinating detective narrative and a captivating look at London then and now.

About the Author

Lisa Jewell is the author of nineteen New York Times bestselling novels, including The Family Upstairs, Then She Was Gone, Invisible Girl, and Watching You. Her books have been translated into twenty-nine languages and have sold over 5 million copies around the world.

Download Before I Met You by Lisa Jewell Pdf

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