BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students PDF

BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students PDF

Download BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students PDF book free online – From BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students PDF: The third edition of this popular textbook for dental students lucidly presents all the topics relevant to the dental students as per the recommendations of Dental Council of India (DCI). Buy from Amazon

BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students PDF

Highlights of this edition include addition of: eight new chapters on General Anatomy which will help the students in learning the basics of anatomy before embarking on regional anatomy. A chapter on Histology giving the essential aspects that are necessary for the dental students. A chapter each on Genetics, Embryology, and Clinical Procedures With the addition of these chapters, this edition contains almost every topic of anatomy required by a BDS student, making it the only text encompassing all the topics/subtopics.

Organisation of the text chapters/sections: Section 1 covers General Anatomy in Chapters 1–8, including the terminology, features of bones, joints, muscles, blood vessels, skin fasciae, etc. Section 2 deals with Head and Neck in Chapters 9–28. Gross anatomy of head and neck has bee n put in blue boxes marked Dissection. Illustrated clinical anatomy is given along with each concerned topic to increase the book’s utility during the clinical years. Appendix with it comprises parasympathetic ganglia, tables of arteries, clinical terms etc.BD Chaurasia’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students

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Section 3 deals with Brain in Chapters 29-37. Chapter 32 exclusively deals with cranial nerves and their clinical anatomy. Various surfaces, lobes, sulci, gyri and important areas are also delineated in the attached CD. Section 4 effectively covers other human body regions (Chapters 38-41), i.e. upper limb, thorax, abdomen, pelvis and lower limb. Each region is discussed in one chapter only giving clinically relevant details. Section 5 (Chapters 42-45) includes topics of importance for dental students: Clinical procedures, genetics, embryology and histology. Embryology is given in two parts: General embryology mentioned briefly and embryology of head and neck.

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