Banned: Cruising For A Boozing By Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael PDF

Download Banned: Cruising For A Boozing By Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael PDF book free online – From Banned: Cruising For A Boozing By Lacy Maran & Kevin Michael PDF: This is the book Renaissance Fair attendees and DMV clerks don’t want you to read. Come see Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn drunker than you’ve ever seen them before.

When Huck drops a bombshell on his oldest bud, Tom will never be the same. Also features a preview of Banned: A Booze & Boobs Bonanza Novel.


Nothing could come between Tom Sawyer and his Midget Albino booty call.  Not the beratement from his family.  Not his bruised ego.  Not the prospect of two for one pitchers at Johnny McSloshed.  Nothing…except maybe Amy Lawrence.

Of all the mini marts in all the world, Tom had to run into Amy Lawrence in that one.  After she’d left his heart for road kill, Tom hoped he’d never run into her again.  And yet there she was looking more f—able than ever in the middle of the Slurp ‘N Save.   

Then again, Amy wasn’t just any ex-girlfriend.  She was the one that got away.  If Tom’s life was a swirling tornado, Amy was calm between storms.  If Tom was a lion, Amy was the tamer.  And she did a hell of a job.  Tom was housebroken, well behaved, hell–even likable. Then Academia came between them. Amy went across the State to get her Masters while Tom mastered the art of getting women to take their tops off.  The St. Petersburg singles scene hasn’t been the same since.

Maybe destiny had plans for Tom and Amy at the Slurp ‘N Save though.  You never expected to run into your ex while buying self-lubricants, but as Tom stood next to the tampons and constipation cream, he needed no help in the lube department.

“Wow, funny seeing you here,” Tom lamely remarked, thrown completely off his game.

Amy meanwhile was decidedly less interested in seeing Tom. He was a far cry from the slick talker who could convince the neighbor kids to whitewash a fence for him.  Tom had grown into a full bore bad boy.  And yet around Amy, Tom turned to pudding. Like a scared little boy, he stammered, struggling for words, coming up with just small talk. 

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