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Bad Moon Rising (A Seven Sons Novel) by DB Nielsen

Bad Moon Rising (A Seven Sons Novel) by DB Nielsen

First rule of Hunting: Never Hunt Alone… Bad Moon Rising

Unless you happen to be the trueborn daughter of Kayne, the original vampire and creator of their species.

Almost a thousand years have passed since her turning, but her blood rage has only increased, fueling her need to deliver vengeance against the Druids who callously took her beloved mortal sister’s life and cursed hers.

Chosen to receive Kayne’s gift of immortality, Aislinn has spent centuries searching for justice, while avoiding the politics and intrigues of the London Coven and its ruthless ruler, Julius.

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But in a world where blood is power, there are those who will do anything and stop at nothing to possess it.

Is Aislinn prepared for what is coming? A Bad Moon is rising…

A Vampire Action Adventure Urban Fantasy Novel.

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See what other Amazon reader are saying about Bad Moon Rising…
“DB Nielsen, Laurie Starkey and Michael Anderle did a good job on this story, the story was written well and the plot was good!”
This book is a page turner.I truly enjoyed reading this story.
“I was hooked from the first chapter. It was very well written!!”
“Awesome Read, well written, great characters, wonderful story line, easy read, will keep you turning pages, can’t wait for more!”
“Keeps you under its spell from the beginning! You’ll have to finish in one sitting or it’ll get to you because you need to what surprises are ahead!”
“For those of who have read the Immortal Huntress, this is where it all began with Kayne and his only daughter. It has lots of drama, adventure, suspense and so much more. Enjoy.”
“This is not my normal genre, however was very drawn into the book.”
“The plot was good and this writer’s style makes it so easy to read. I think anyone who reads this genre will love the book.
“I enjoyed reading this book. The story was well written, and the characters had great chemistry!!”
Aislinn was a strong person, has been through a lot. A fighter.I enjoyed this story. Thank you, Laurie Starkey, DB Nielsen and Michael Anderle. Good work.”

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