Baby For Daddy’s Best Friend by Callie Stevens Pdf

Download Baby For Daddy’s Best Friend by Callie Stevens Pdf.My father’s best friend is everything I’m not supposed to want.

But now he is going to be my baby’s daddy…

Ash is a walking red flag.
He is domineering and always in a bad mood.
Tragically widowed, yet still in love with his long dead wife,
a single dad to three mini versions of himself,
and much too old for me.

But I’ve wanted him since I was sixteen.
Seeing him again more than a decade later all those old feelings just rush back in.
Every time when I look up into his deep green eyes,
dark scruffy beard and kissable dimples,
all I want is to fall into his arms and never leave.

Too much wine and one bed-rocking night later everything changed.

When my dad discovers I’m knocked up by his best friend,
I may lose the two most important people in my life…


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