Baby Chatterbox Pdf

Baby Chatterbox Pdf

Download Baby Chatterbox Pdf book free online – from Baby Chatterbox Pdf book; Here are valentines one, two, three;
There is one for Harry, and one for Will,

And a big one for girlie, see!
Wildly she flies o’er the nursery floor,

Never was girlie so happy before,
As she shouts in her baby glee
“Oh! I’ve got a valentine, all come, look!
As big as the sheet of a picture book!
Now, don’t you wish you all, like me,
Had a great big heart painted red, you see?”


This stands
Firm, and strong
Another one
We’ll build hereon.

Keep away,
Now we’ll see,
If ’twill hold
A number three.

Try another,
One more,
Raise it to
A fourth floor.

Yet another;
Oh, what fun!
That’s too many–
Down they come.


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