Awake By Egan Yip Pdf

Awake By  Egan Yip Pdf

Download Awake By Egan Yip Pdf book free online – from Awake By Egan Yip Pdf book; The world has fallen asleep…and the only hope for mankind’s survival rests upon the fragile alliance between dogs, cats…and a few really tired teens.

Kevin’s a bit of a slacker. After pulling off an all-nighter to finish his homework, he finds himself in a bit of a bind: there’s no one at school. No place to turn in his paper. But that’s the least of his problems. He discovers that everyone–his family, his neighbors, and his friends–is still asleep. The whole world…is still asleep…and there’s nothing he can do about it. His only lively companion is his next-door neighbor, Andrew, who also didn’t go to bed the night before. And just when he wants to fall asleep himself, he is approached by a talking…dog! The pets have formed an alliance known as the HPC, the Household Pet Coalition, and they are searching for a way to save their masters. In order to solve this mystery, Kevin must gather allies from all over and fight back against the wild animals that threaten to attack the vulnerable humans. But to do that…he must stay awake for as long as he can…before he too falls asleep…and will never awaken….

he said there’s no one around and told me to call back later.”

Andrew yawned. “Back to square one.”

Kevin became very quiet and went back to staring at the road, emotionless.

Andrew hummed a single note. “Want to play video games?”

Kevin turned slightly to see Andrew with the corner of his eye. “At a time like this?”

Andrew shrugged. “Why not? It’s not like there’s anything else to do. No school. No homework. No life. Nothing at all.”

Kevin thought for a moment. “True…but we could also do other things-things we normally can’t do.”

“Like what?”

Kevin grinned. “Like driving!”

Andrew’s interest was piqued. “Do you know how?”

“I practiced in a parking lot recently. Besides, the roads are empty. It’ll be easy.”

“Isn’t it dangerous to drive if you’re tired?”

“You’re right,” said Kevin. “I’ll take a nap first. After we get some rest then we can do whatever we want.”

“You don’t think…” Andrew stopped and gulped.

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