Avenging Amy by Annabelle Winters PDF 

Download Avenging Amy by Annabelle Winters PDF book free. ROMANCE LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN . . . ANNABELLE WINTERS STYLE! When a brash Saudi prince takes liberties with State Department translator Amy Hadad, she’s told to forget it and move on, to be a patriot and swallow her personal pride for the sake of the bigger picture.

Saudi Prince Rafiq is helping the US in a delicate hostage situation with the rogue extremist nation of Jawal, and so Amy is stuck with an impossible choice: If she accuses Prince Rafiq, he might not help the US, and hostages might die. It’s not just an impossible choice, it’s no choice at all. She has to stand down, keep her mouth shut, smile for the camera, and let the show go on. Navy SEAL Jake Axelrod, busted down to security detail for a loudmouthed Senator after running his own mouth off in public, is used to choosing his country over himself. It’s what he was born to do, trained to do, loves to do. But when he senses how Amy reacts to Prince Rafiq at a State Department Gala in Dubai, something awakens in him, something comes alive, a different sense of moral duty that burns strong in his heart, like it comes from someplace deep and ancient, from a time when a man’s highest duty was to protect his woman. Soon Axe faces his own impossible choice, and he makes it with his heart instead of his head. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, they say. Well, even a blind man knows when the sun is shining, and that’s what it feels like around Amy. So what the hell. Who needs eyes when your future’s so clear. Hooyah. Toe-curling suspense, button-popping steam, mind-breaking action. And of course over-the-top drama and madness, Annabelle Winters style. This is a full length standalone.