Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton PDF

Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton PDF

Download Automotive Technician Training : Practical Worksheets Level 2 by Tom Denton PDF book free online – From Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton PDF: Automotive practical worksheets and assessments for students at Level 2. Buy from Amazon

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Automotive Technician Training by Tom Denton PDF

This Level 2 Student Worksheets book contains tasks that help you develop practical skills and prepare you for assessment. The tasks also reinforce the automotive theory that you will learn online and in the classroom. Each worksheet covers individual topics in a step-by-step manner, detailing how to carry out all of the most important tasks contained within the syllabus. Alongside each of these worksheets is a job card that can be filled in and used as evidence towards your qualification.

  • Endorsed by the Institute of the Motor Industry for all of their Level 2 automotive courses.
  • Step-by-step guides to the practical tasks required at all Level 2 qualifications.
  • Job sheets for students to complete and feedback sheets for assessors to complete.

About the Author

Tom Denton is the leading UK automotive author with a teaching career spanning lecturer to head of automotive engineering in a large college. His range of automotive textbooks published since 1995 are bestsellers and led to his authoring of the Automotive Technician Training multimedia system that is in common use in the UK, USA and several other countries. Tom now works as the eLearning Development Manager for the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).


eLearning Development Manager at the IMI
I started as an automotive engineer, taught in college for many years and now concentrate on writing automotive textbooks and multimedia blended eLearning materials.

I really enjoy passing on my knowledge – and I enjoy learning new things about automotive technology too – as it is changing all the time.

F1 fan, sci-fi and a computer geek – basically I like all technology!