Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding PDF

Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding PDF

Download Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding PDF book free online 6th edition – From Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding PDF: AUTOMOTIVE ENGINES: DIAGNOSIS, REPAIR, REBUILDING 6E is an ideal book to build readers’ technical expertise and critical thinking skills, while providing them with information on current industry trends and concerns. Buy from Amazon

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Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding PDF

It contains updated, accurate, and comprehensive information on what is needed to diagnose, repair, and rebuild automotive engines. This revised addition includes an enhanced chapter on engine diagnosis and updated information on four-valve-per-cylinder engines, camshaft timing, variable valve timing, and high performance engines.


About the Author

Tim Gilles has authored or co-authored several textbooks and has been active in professional associations for many years. He was president and a board member of the California Automotive Teachers (CAT), a board member and election committee chair of the North American Council of Automotive Teachers (NACAT), a member of the California Community College Chancellor’s Trade and Industry Advisory Committee, and education committee chair for the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Independent Automotive Professionals Association. Automotive Engines: Diagnosis, Repair, Rebuilding

Mr. Gilles has also served several terms as a board member of the Santa Barbara Automotive Service Council and is active in industry associations such as AERA, The Automotive Repair Coalition, and IATN, including delivering presentations at numerous conferences. He was an automotive teacher for 38 years and is professor emeritus in the Automotive Technology Department at Santa Barbara City College. Mr. Gilles holds the industry certifications of ASE Master Automotive Technician and ASE Master Engine Machinst.


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