Automotive Engine Metrology by Salah H. R. Ali PDF

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Automotive Engine Metrology by Salah H. R. Ali PDF

Download Automotive Engine Metrology by Salah H. R. Ali PDF – Automotive Engine Metrology by Salah H. R. Ali | PDF Free Download.

Automotive Engine Metrology Contents

  •  Introduction
  • Advanced Measurement Techniques in Surface Metrology
  • Characterization of Touch Probing System in CMM Machine
  • Error Separation of Touch Stylus System and CMM Machine
  • Measurement Strategies of CMM Accuracy
  • Validation Method for CMM Measurement Quality Using Flick Standard
  • Factors Affecting the Performance of Talyrond Measurement Accuracy
  • Metrology as an Inspection Tool in New or Overhauled Water-Cooled Diesel Engines
  • Metrology as an Identification Tool for Worn-Out Air-Cooled Diesel Engine
  • Surface Metrology in Engine Quality
  • Conclusions, Recommendations, and Future Work 

Preface to Automotive Engine Metrology PDF

Advanced soft metrology techniques play an important role in improving the quality and function of automotive engines with regard to both manufacturing and diagnostic processes.

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Advanced accurate and precise measurement techniques are based on two fundamental approaches: hard measurement techniques and soft measurement techniques.

Advanced soft computing measurement techniques include a coordinate measuring machine (CMM), Talyrond roundness tester, surface roughness device, interferometric methods, confocal optical microscopy, scanning probe microscopy, and computed tomography technique at the micro- and nanometer scales.

Now, utilizing the CMM or the Talyrond machine is a challenge for advanced coordinate metrology in modern engineering applications, especially in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Deviation from dimensional tolerance or geometrical features can produce a number of engineering problems, vibration, frictional wear, noise, material fatigue, and failure.

The basic function of the CMM is to measure the actual dimension and geometrical shape of an object according to the ISO and evaluate the collected data using the metrological aspects of size, form, location, and orientation.

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In this book, we focus on advanced coordinate measurement machines and their performance with respect to accurate and precise measurements for automotive engine metrology.

The book is organized into six parts. The first part presents the general introduction, the objective of the book, and its usefulness for academic scientists and professional and general readers. BUY FROM AMAZON

The second part introduces the important industrial subject of advanced soft measurement techniques for dimensional and surface metrology in micro- and nanometer scales.

The third part discusses the performance and error analysis methods of the CMM as a new common technique for dimensional and surface metrology in the industry. The fourth part studies error analysis and roundness determination using the Talyrond technique.

The fifth part discusses the inspection and diagnosis of new, overhauled, and worn-out automotive engines using the CMM technique. It also discusses the applications of surface metrology in quality control for automotive engines.

New technologies for engine coating and surface characterization are also presented. The last part, Part 6, discusses the developments in the field and future prospects.

It is hoped that the book will encourage the development of techniques in instrumentation metrology for automotive engines and strengthen readers’ understanding of the importance of metrology in automotive engines.

Download Automotive Engine Metrology by Salah H. R. Ali in PDF Format For Free.

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