Auto Fundamentals 12th Edition PDF

Download Auto Fundamentals 12th Edition PDF book free online by Martin W. Stockel  (Author), Martin T. Stockel (Author), Chris Johanson  (Author) – From Auto Fundamentals 10th Edition PDF: Auto Fundamentals leads students through the design, construction, and operation of all major automotive systems.

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Auto Fundamentals 12th Edition PDF

It is intended for those who need a sound foundation in the basics of automotive technology. The information in this text is easy to understand and applicable to all vehicles. Each automotive system is explained in detail, starting with its basic function and progressing to the construction and operation of its individual components.

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Review – Auto Fundamentals 12th Edition PDF

Upon purchasing my 3000GT SL, it was as if a whole new world opened up in my eyes—the petrolhead culture. Famous for the Japanese domestic market and American muscle fued, all while German and Korean engineering take a step back in their own territory and style of cars. Not even a few hours in after I began to drive my car home, I stumbled upon a souped up ’06 WRX STI, revving his engine next to me at a stoplight and flashing me a cliché Fast and Furious look. “Yoooo, is that twin turbo?” he snarked. “No I wish,” I said, hesitantly. Being that he seems like the typical egotistical show-off, Auto Fundamentals 10th Edition PDF

I was almost tempted to make a knock-knock joke, since Subaru’s have the tendency to have engine knocking. Right as he did a burn-out in front of me, it irritated me enough to intentionally turn this daily driver into a racecar, and show him up the next time if he ever came my way.
Browsing upon the various workbooks and textbooks in Amazon, I came across this workbook, loaded with 4 star ratings and a reasonable price of $21.03. It took a swift three days to arrive to my apartment, and there it bestowed upon my doorstep in a sturdy envelope. With eager eyes, I proceeded to peruse through the whole book, scanning for the pages that described the typical additions to your car that would make your car insurance cringe. Blow-off valves, turbochargers, superchargers, coilovers, air-bag suspension systems, cold-air intakes, limited slip differentials, roll cages—none were apparent in this book. My heart broke a little bit. I was hoping to refer to this book, rather than cramming episodes of Mighty Car Mods on youtube into my brain. Then, after giving this book a chance by working through the problems, along with the critical thinking scenarios presented in this book, it redeemed itself to me. Auto Fundamentals 10th Edition PDF

The authors really meant it when they say it provides the “fundamental” aspects in auto mechanics. I may have learned my share in working and fixing cars with my dad, but it delved in depth on the thermodynamics that occur in things such as the four stroke cycle of an engine, and what the process occurs in catalytic converters. This workbook even went so far as to name off typical troubleshooting problems that the everyday driver encounters, like that annoying high pitch sound that just won’t go away, no matter how many times you take apart and put back together your car. Although this workbook didn’t give me the skills to turn my car Superstreet Magazine worthy, it assisted in helping me brush up on my maintenance skills.Auto Fundamentals 10th Edition PDF

This book is for your average Joe, who wants to know more about what’s under the hood of your car in detail, with analogies and quizzes to better help with retention of the information presented. If you’re a petrolhead trying to further expand your knowledge–who can easily tell the difference between a Magnaflow and a grossly welded on lawn mower exhaust system–this book may be child’s play compared to what you currently know. Overall, it is a good workbook, and I would definitely reference this again, paired with my manual if little things like my alternator bearings or timing belt isn’t exactly the way it should be.