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Download Attitude Is Everything free PDF by Keith Harrell – Attitude Is Everything: In the world of motivational speakers, Keith Harrell is a star. Clients such as IBM, Coca Cola, and AT&T know it — that’s why Keith is one of the most in-demand speakers on the circuit. Buy from Amazon

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Now, in Attitude is Everything, he shares the secrets that got him where he is today and provides you with a program for developing a healthier, happier attitude.

This is an enlightening, inspiring, and practical guide for gaining control of your career and your life by ridding yourself of negative attitudinal baggage, building positive attitudes, and then turning them into actions to help you achieve your dreams.

In the world of professional speakers, Keith Harrell is making a difference. The Wall Street Journal recognized it, dubbing him “A Star with Attitude.” Such clients as IBM, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Motorola, GM, Marriott International, and Boeing know it—that’s why Keith is one of the most in-demand speakers on the circuit. And, as you read this book, you will know it, too. Keith’s star power is indisputable. Now, in this fully revised and updated edition of Attitude Is Everything, he shares the secrets that got him where he is today—and provides you with a program for developing a healthier, happier, more productive attitude.

In Attitude Is Everything, Keith offers an enlightening, inspiring, and practical guide for gaining control of your career and your life by ridding yourself of negative attitudinal baggage, building positive attitudes, and then turning them into actions to help you achieve your dreams.Keith’s 10 steps for turning attitude into action:

Features – Attitude Is Everything PDF

  1. Understand the power of “attitude”
  2. Take control of your life
  3. Practice self-awareness
  4. Reframe your bad attitude
  5. Find your purpose and passion
  6. Be pre-active
  7. Discover how to motivate yourself
  8. Build supportive relationships
  9. See changes as an opportunity
  10. Leave a lasting legacy

Table of Content

Acknowledgments ■ v
Foreword ■ vii
Preface to the Paperback Edition ■ xi
Introduction ■ xv
Attitude Is Everything ■ 1
Attitude Is a Choice ■ 27
Bag Your Bad Attitude ■ 53
Change Your Bad Attitude
for Good ■ 75
Turn Attitude into Action! ■ 93
Warning: Attitude Hazards
Ahead ■ 119
Your Attitude Tool Kit ■ 137
Build Your A-Team ■ 169
Develop a Whatever-It-Takes
Attitude ■ 195
Make a Mark That Cannot Be
Erased ■ 219
Index ■ 245

About the Author
About the Publisher

Keith developed his methods for putting attitudes into action in the real world of corporate America, and later, as a self-employed professional. He knows what works, and he knows how to help others create positive, empowering attitudes that will help you enjoy a more fulfilling and rewarding life!

Acknowledgement – Attitude Is Everything PDF

I was blessed to have the help and support of many talented people to whom I want to express my sincere thanks: To my wonderful staff, Joyce Head, Sandi Miller, Heidi Stepanovitch, Donna Cash, and Deborah Johnson, for all their help and support. To Diane Reverand, my editor, for her insight, feedback and expertise, and Janet Dery, Richard Rhorer, and the other wonderful staff at HarperCollins. To my literary agent, Jan Miller, and her wonderful assistant, Shannon Mizer-Marven, who both shared my vision and enthusiasm for this book and pushed to help make it a reality. To Wes Smith for your tireless and committed effort, for taking my thoughts and ideas and building a foundation on which this manuscript was built. This project couldn’t have been done without you. To my sister Toni Malliet for your guidance and support. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

When I need you you always come through. Special thanks to my friend Arabella Grayson for your countless hours, insight, enduring support, and positive attitude throughout this entire project. I thank God for you. To Marsha Cansler for her professional insight, writing, and organization of the entire project of updating this book. And finally, to the many individuals who have in their own special ways contributed to the creation of this book: Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D.; Joy Carver, Dan Clark, Ron Cox, v Beverly Forte, Ph.D.; Reggie Green, Daelyn Gruenberg, Hattie Hill, Janet Hill, Sam Horn, Clove Hoover, Kathy Jeremiah, Steve and Kelly Lynn Pipkin, Ellen Joan Pollack, Mark Seal, Doug Smart, Colandra Wright, Carolyn Zatto, Chris Carey, and Kay duPont.

Foreword – Attitude Is Everything PDF

I have had the great privilege of traveling this great world of ours for over four decades and teaching people how to live and work successfully. It has been a fantastic opportunity to see firsthand the countless men and women who have decided to become their best and then disciplined themselves until they achieved it. There is nothing like living your dreams! One of the things I have long taught is that if you want to succeed, you need to work harder on yourself than you do on your job. That is, if you want to move up the ladder, don’t just work harder—though you should do that—but work on yourself so that you as a person become better and of more value to the company. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

As you get better, those who can promote you will see that you have outgrown your current position and need to move higher! This is where Keith Harrell’s terrific book comes in: One of the fundamental things that every person who wants to improve his or her life should work on is his or her attitude. Your attitude determines so much about how you will live your life and how far you will go in life. Your attitude is like the engine that runs the car. The more finely tuned that engine is, the better the car will run. The same is true with your life. If you keep your attitude up—if you make it “super-fantastic,” as Keith says—then you will see so much about your life open right up and flourish. You will see your relationships expand and deepen. Think about it: Who wants to hang around someone with a bad attitude? But people with great attitudes are magnetic. People are drawn to them. They feel better being around them. And they enjoy them. Your career will grow. All things being the same, the person with the better attitude will always go further. And of course, things won’t be all the same because you are going to have great skills too! When your boss or client is looking at you and sees a tremendously positive attitude, he is going to want to promote you or give you more business. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

Why? Because people like to do business with people who demonstrate great attitudes. Your life will be more enjoyable. Of course, having better relationships and a better career will go a long way toward this, but when you have a positive attitude, your outlook on life will be so much better that the person you live with all the time—you—will find that there is much more inner peace and satisfaction with life than you have ever experienced before. So, as you hold this book in your hands, you are beginning a journey that has the potential to greatly improve your relationships, your work, and your self-satisfaction. Isn’t that amazing? But you will need to apply the truth in Attitude Is Everything. Just reading it will not change your life. But as you apply it, as you begin to renew your mind and begin to display that attitude to the world around you, then your life will change for the better. Attitude is a choice. Each and every day that we arise we have a choice on how we will view and interact with the world around us. Keith Harrell has done you a wonderful service by writing this road map on how to choose and live with a “super-fantastic” attitude. Read the stories, apply the truths, and enjoy the journey! Jim Rohn October 2004

Preface – Attitude Is Everything PDF

After more than two decades of speaking to people about the power of attitude, I know that a positive attitude is your most priceless possession, one of your most valuable assets. To a great extent, it determines the overall quality of your life. Attitude Is Everything grew out of my desire to share the truths I’ve learned about the life-transforming power of attitude with individuals who will never have an opportunity to hear me speak at corporate conferences and national conventions. Since it was first published in 2000, the world as we once knew it has been irrevocably changed. For many of us, events of September 11, major corporate scandals, the economic downturn, and the constant threat of terrorism have shattered our ideals and caused us to lose confidence in institutions we once respected. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

In this climate of uncertainty, I am convinced more than ever that people need to know how to control and manage the quality of their lives through a positive mental attitude. It’s no secret that life seems to reward us most when we approach the world with a positive attitude. But somehow this knowledge escapes us when we experience a setback or encounter adversity. I am often asked if a person’s attitude is predisposed or if it can be developed. Without question, attitudes are developed. The great psychologist-philosopher William James said, “The greatest discovery of my generation is that people can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” I can say that one of the greatest realizations of our time is that everyone has the potential to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives; however, they must first be willing to acquire the skills that will guide them to a place of self-discovery where they can tap into the power of their positive attitude. You may not be able to change your height or your body type, but you can change your attitude. Each of us has the power to develop and maintain a positive attitude that works for us, that improves the quality of our lives and enables us to accomplish our life objectives. Your attitude should be an indication of where you desire to go in life and not a reflection of what you’ve been through. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

Change your attitude and you can change your life! No matter how old you are, your current position or station in life, your gender, or marital status, a positive attitude can make an incredible difference in your life and in the lives of others. In the chapters that follow, I give you the tools you need to develop and maintain a positive attitude; the ten steps for turning attitude into action focus on the fundamental principles of self-development and personal growth. The theme that runs through these steps, like a single strand through fabric, is that in learning to monitor and control your attitude, you can begin to increase the quality of your personal and professional life. As you step out to enrich your life, allow Attitude Is Everything to be your blueprint. By applying the principles, you have a daily resource and support system that will provide you with enhanced step-by-step instructions for improving the overall quality of your personal and professional life. Remember that real wealth is measured not by what you have, not by where you are, but by the spirit that lives within you. Success is an attitude. I wish you a super-fantastic journey as you discover that Attitude . . . is everything. Keith Harrell


THE SELLING OF A GOLDEN SPEECH: ON THE MOTIVATIONAL CIRCUIT, A STAR WITH ATTITUDE read the headline of a feature article in the Wall Street Journal. The article was about attitude and the positive effect I was having on hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals around the world. The topic of the “golden speech” was “Attitude Is Everything.” The article confirmed what I already knew, that people and organizations today, more than ever before, need to learn how to manage and control the quality of their lives through the power of a positive attitude. I am humbled each and every time someone mentions this article, but I am also reminded of the powerful impact of attitude. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

Attitude is the foundation and support of everything we do, a key element in the process of controlling your destiny and achieving mastery in your personal and professional life. Over the years, I’ve attended countless seminars, read hundreds of books, listened to hours and hours of tapes, and interviewed scores of successful people on the subject of selfdevelopment. I’ve discovered that learning to monitor, control, and tap into a positive attitude is the key to every self-help process. In fact, the most valuable asset you can possess is a positive attitude toward your life. It isn’t how much you know about maintaining a positive attitude that’s important; it’s how well, and how consistently, you put that knowledge to use. Your attitude is often one of the first things people notice about you. You may not be able to change your height or your body type, but you can change your attitude. Many researchers believe—and I wholeheartedly agree—that a positive attitude is not a product of genetics and heredity but, with proper training, an acquired trait. The best thing about your attitude is that if it’s bad, it can be made better, and if it’s good, it can be made even greater. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

Each of us has the power to choose a positive attitude over a negative one. If you want an attitude that works for you, that improves the quality of your life and enables you to accomplish your dreams, you have to work at it. You can’t just sit around and wait for a positive attitude to come over you. In this book, I will provide you with tools to tune and take control of your attitude, even in the most challenging times. (Attitude Is Everything PDF)

The material in this book is not merely motivational. It offers you step-by-step instructions and examples of how others—including myself—have benefited by taking responsibility for their attitudes. You have made an investment in yourself—an investment that will pay dividends when—and only when—you apply the principles and take action. The fundamental principle is that attitude is everything. You’ll learn that no matter how old you are, what your position or station in life, your gender, or your marital status, a positive attitude can make an incredible difference. In the chapters that follow, I will give you the tools you need for an attitude tune-up. I’m going to provide you with ten steps for turning attitude into action. Each of the steps focuses on fundamental principles of self-development and personal growth. The theme that runs through these steps, like a single strand through a fabric, is that in learning to monitor and control your attitude, you can make an incredible difference in your life and in the lives of people around you. Here is a brief description of each of the steps that will help you develop a super-fantastic attitude.

Step 1: Understand the Power of Attitude

Your attitude is a powerful tool for positive action. It’s inherently interwoven into everything you do. It’s your most priceless possession. The good news is, you don’t have to buy it. But you do have to develop it. In the first chapter, you will discover what attitude is, the power of attitude, and how your attitude reflects you. You’ll learn to recognize that you can control your destiny by learning the four things you need to do to stay positive even in the most challenging times.

Step 2: Choose to Take Charge of Your Life

To transform your attitude into action, you must accept responsibility for what goes on inside your mind by monitoring your internal dialogue. We will look at the power of choice, how your choices determine your happiness and affect your success. I will offer you the keys to controlling how you respond to whatever the world throws at you, by showing you how to monitor and manage your attitude.

Step 3: Identify through Self-Awareness the Attitudes That Hold You Back or Propel You Forward

By practicing self-awareness, you will learn the three types of bad attitudes. You will discover how to assess your presentday attitude by identifying the things that may be holding you back and to find the attitude needed to propel you forward. You will look at the underlying causes of a bad attitude and discover how to shift turning points into learning points by taking an attitude assessment.

Step 4: Reframe Your Bad Attitude

An attitude of anger can be transformed into an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness by shifting your perspective. You will discover the power of self-forgiveness, which allows you to forgive others. You will also learn how to recognize and rid yourself of a debilitating attitude by identifying the three P’s that cause a bad attitude.

Step 5: Find Your Purpose and Passion

Once you’ve determined what has been holding you back, it’s time to look ahead and analyze where you want to go. Understanding the importance of living your life with purpose and passion—having a personal vision—is critical to achieving success. You will consider which attitudes are conducive to goal-setting and which can spoil the process. And finally, I will explain the strategy of creating a personal and professional life plan.

Step 6: Be Pre-Active

In this step, you will learn to prepare yourself for those times when challenging circumstances threaten to provoke negative attitudes that can hinder your plans and throw you off course en route to your goals and dreams. You will discover that even with a positive attitude, purpose, and passion, life is never without challenges, disappointments, setbacks, and problems. By developing a pre-active approach to life, you will become better prepared to handle the hazards you face in life.

Step 7: Discover How to Motivate Yourself

You will discover the keys to self-motivation by making use of the Attitude Tool Kit: affirmations, visualization, attitude talk, positive greetings, enthusiasm, spiritual empowerment, humor, and exercise. By using your Attitude Tool Kit, you will be well equipped to seek personal and professional success.

Step 8: Build Supportive Relationships

Nobody makes it alone in this world. We all need supportive relationships to get through challenging times. In this chapter, I will help you put together your A-Team, those people who will help you fight off negative attitudes and build positive ones. To build a team, you first have to develop an attitude that will make others want to support you. I’ll show you how to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships through networking, shared vision, and shared values. You will also learn the best defense against toxic people who try to disrupt your success.

Step 9: See Change as an Opportunity

One of the greatest challenges to a positive attitude is change, whether it’s a change of jobs, a change in a relationship, or a change in your economic status. We’ll look at the benefits of adopting a whatever-it-takes attitude when confronted by change. You will also learn the characteristics of the change process, the four ways individuals respond to it, and ten strategies for embracing change.

Step 10: Leave a Lasting Legacy

Sometimes we forget that the greatest thing we can do to build a healthy attitude is to get involved in something greater than ourselves. In Step 10, you’ll learn the benefit of planting positive seeds: seeds of hope, encouragement, faith, and love. In this final step, you will discover how you can leave a lasting legacy by making a mark that cannot be erased. You’ll be ready to transcend yourself and reach out to make a difference in the lives of your family, friends, and community. If you want a positive attitude, you’re going to need to be committed enough to work at it. This book is a guide toward developing the positive attitude that will work for you. I will provide you with the information and the plan. It’s up to you to provide the effort and discipline to put the plan into action. It will take some work on your part, but I promise you will get a wonderful return on your investment. Although the process I’ve mapped out is not always easy, I have broken it into small bytes of information and small action steps to make your goals easier to reach. I’ve suggested little adjustments that can change your thinking in a big way. By changing your thinking, you can change your beliefs. By changing your beliefs, you can change your actions—and your life. Remember, this is an investment in you. The light is green, so go! I wish you a super-fantastic journey as you discover the power of your attitude.

Originally published: August 1998
Author: Keith Harrell
Genre:Self-help book
Pages; 277
Size:  2 Mb

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