Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

Download Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF book free edition: From Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF: All physicians need to learn to diagnose and manage head pain. However, there are many causes of headache: some are secondary to other conditions; others are disorders in themselves. Buy from Amazon

Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

These factors often make differential diagnosis and treatment a challenge. This didactic atlas approaches the problem of migraine and other headaches from a visual perspective. The contents cover the history of migraine and headache, their epidemiology, diagnosis and treatment. While the central emphasis is on migraine, all types of headache are addressed. The book includes some classic illustrations from historical texts as well as modern images that illustrate the disorders and current thinking.

Preface – Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

It is rare for medical students to have more than one lecture on headache management during their education, and residents in training, even in neurology, rarely get any more formal training.We have tried, through this Atlas, to demonstrate the problem of headache from a visual perspective. For many, learning from pictures and diagrams is educational and more enjoyable than through the printed word. By presenting information on headache in a visual format, we hope to educate caregivers to better recognize head pain complaints and ultimately provide better care for patients. Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

Chronic head and face pain may be either a result of numerous disorders or a symptom of a more ominous secondary cause. Correct diagnosis is essential for proper treatment. To assist the clinician, we include the history of headache, its epidemiology, diagnosis, and treatment. We address migraine, tension-type, and cluster headache, in addition to the rare or more unusual primary and secondary headache disorders. We have tried to include classic images from other texts, as well as new images that illustrate the disorders and reflect the most current thinking. This compilation of slides, images, graphs, paintings, and drawings has been obtained from physicians from all over the world. We would like to thank the many physicians and researchers who have contributed to the success of this Atlas. Without their willingness to share their images and data we would not be able to present this topic in this format.Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

We hope that this edition of the Atlas offers an overview of the numerous disorders that cause head pain, provides a better understanding for those treating these disorders, and results in better care for those who suffer with these disorders.

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Editorial Reviews


…a stimulating read that can be recommended for residents and students.
-European Neurology

Review – Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

My neurologist had a copy of this book and let me borrow it. I liked it so much, I bought my own copy, along with what I think is a companion book, Atlas of the Headache by the same authors. These books are written for doctors but anyone who has suffered from migraines long enough probably knows most of the info in these books. This is college-level material and packed with diagrams and scanned images (for example, MRIs of the brain) and also the history of medicine regarding headaches. Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

I’m not saying this material is for everyone, but those who are interested in how the brain works and where headaches come from will find this book interesting. For me, seeing actual artist renditions of what an “aura” looks like and how vision disturbances are experienced during a migraine were particularly stunning. It’s hard to explain these things to your doctor and some doctors had a hard time explaining to me what an aura is/what it looks like. Those who experience aura during migraine can be at risk for a stroke, so I feel these books do a tremendous service in helping patients discover and describe their own migraine experiences for better diagnosis and treatment. Atlas of Migraine and Other Headaches PDF

I highly recommend these books to any student of medicine, and any patient who is having difficulty in working with their doctor to categorize their headache type. Migraine treatment is a long and painful process for some, and this information will save so much time, cost, and hurt for the new migraine patient.

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