Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy PDF

Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy PDF

Download Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy PDF book free – From Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy PDF: Arterial blood gas (ABG) analysis is a fundamental skill in modern medicine yet one which many find difficult to grasp. Buy from Amazon

Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy PDF

This book provides readers with the core background knowledge required to understand the ABG, explains how it is used in clinical practice and provides a unique system for interpreting results. Over half of the book is devoted to thirty clinical case scenarios involving analysis of arterial blood gases, allowing the reader to gain both proficiency in interpretation and an appreciation of the role of an ABG in guiding clinical diagnosis and management.

  • A practical guide written for all those who use this test and have to interpret the results.
  • Utilises worked examples to allow the reader to gain confidence in interpreting ABGs and appreciate the usefulness of the test in a variety of different clinical settings.
  • Written in a simple style and presents the concepts in a straightforward manner.
  • Additional clinical case scenarios put the ABG into practice.
  • Includes a video detailing how to take a sample.


If you’ve taken the time to open Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy, you must believe that arterial blood gases (ABGs) are important, but not entirely straightforward. We certainly agree on the first point: ABG analysis now plays an indispensable role in the assessment and management of patients with a huge range of acute medical and surgical problems. On the second point, we hope our book can be of assistance.

For this second edition of Arterial Blood Gases Made Easy we have remained true to our original principles of avoiding extraneous detail and focusing on the aspects of ABG analysis that are practical and useful. In this spirit we have been sparing with our additions to Part 1 of the book but have added 5 new clinical scenarios to Part 2 and included a new video showing how to obtain an arterial sample. We continue to believe that many medical and nursing students, junior doctors and specialist nurses will benefit from a clear, concise guide to performing and interpreting ABGs.

We are indebted to Dr J K Baillie for his advice, suggestions and constructive criticism. We would also like to thank Heather Milne for allowing us to film her wrists for the demonstration video. Finally, we are grateful to Laurence Hunter and Helen Leng for their unfailing support and patience.

Editorial Reviews


“This excellent pocket-sized handbook, which can be read at one sitting, is an object lesson in clarity. This really is arterial blood gases made easy. This is a thoughtfully designed book, which is very pleasing to the eye and, in the best possible way, easy on the brain! This book … covers a lot of ground in a short and highly accessible read that should instil real confidence in most, if not all, clinical circumstances.”

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