Are Women the Stronger Sex? By Josette Sona Pdf

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Are Women the Stronger Sex? By Josette Sona Pdf

Download Are Women the Stronger Sex? By Josette Sona Pdf book free online – from Are Women the Stronger Sex? By Josette Sona Pdf book; This book, years in the making, is written mostly for girls and young women who are often told they’re the “weaker sex”, they’re not as strong as men, they’re not as good as men, etc. This book proves those statements wrong – giving examples of how women have always been strong.

Whether you’re in a relationship or wanting to be in one, this insightful/informative book helps the reader understand why men often treat women the way they do.


Are women the stronger sex?

The answer (in a nutshell) is YES!

Now, you can put the book down and go on your merry way, content with the realization that you have this tidbit of information tucked neatly away under your belt.

Or you’re welcome to read on – where I’ve listed examples of how women are generally stronger than men (and men are generally weaker) and an explanation as to why this is so.  If you suspected this all along and were afraid you were the only person who felt this way, you have lots of company. Are Women the Stronger Sex? By Josette Sona Pdf

You are not alone.

If you read on, you just might recognize;

thoughts you’ve had yourself, especially when you were treated unfairly (especially by the not-so-fair sex – guys),
thoughts/feelings you might have been told, directly or indirectly,

weren’t real – but you knew they were!!, etc.

Even if some women don’t believe what’s written in this book to be true, if they ever experience it themselves, hopefully they’ll remember what they read and it can be a confirmation for them.

I will always provide this book for free as it’s not my intention to make a profit from it but rather to point out some of life’s realities.  The way I figure it, none of us are born knowing this stuff and we can use all the help we can get – sometimes it’s not easy having a man in your life.

I know a lot of women feel bad because they don’t have a man in their life but even if you succeed in having a “significant other”, there’s no guarantee he’ll stay “for the long haul”.  A woman will often give a guy the best years of her life, only to be replaced by a “newer model” when she’s not as young anymore.  (Let’s face it, he’s no spring chicken, either!)  I’m sure you’ve heard the joke: when a wife turns 40, her husband replaces her with two 20’s.  It would be funny if it wasn’t often so true. Are Women the Stronger Sex? By Josette Sona Pdf

You will notice, in this book, I often refer to members of the male persuasion as guys instead of men.  In my opinion, males who act like real men are strong mentally, psychologically, emotionally, etc. and it shows in how they treat others; with dignity and respect.

Guys, on the other hand, are men but they don’t necessarily treat others with respect, consideration, etc.  They are often in relationships for “what they can get out of it” – whether the other person is male or female.

They will often be nice to the person until they get what they want, but they won’t be sincere.  Gay men (who are often sensitive, in touch with their emotions, etc.) are often on the receiving end of another man’s abuse.

One of the reasons there is sexism/misogyny is because women (generally speaking) are the stronger sex – even though we’ve been told repeatedly, throughout history, that women are the weaker sex.  And a lot of men are often jealous of, threatened by, and even have a hatred for women because of this.  {This creates a potentially dangerous situation which can be likened to someone walking around with a bomb, an infectious disease, etc. – having the ability to cause harm to any innocent person at any given moment.}  The only area that men are stronger (again, generally speaking) is in physical upper body strength.  And guys will often use this to intimidate, bully, and control women because guys are often threatened by someone who is overall stronger than they are. Guys may be intimidated/threatened by other guys who are mentally stronger than they are but they usually don’t do anything about it.  Women are easier to intimidate and push around (physically) and guys often take every opportunity they can to do this (as a way of making up for when they can’t bully/control other guys or those who have power over them).

In case you may think this book (years in the making) is about male-bashing, please be assured there are many women who have similar characteristics that are listed in this book, especially women in Commonwealth countries such as; Australia, Canada, the UK, etc. – from my personal observation.  It’s just I’ve noticed (even as a child and especially as an adult) that the characteristics listed seem to apply, generally, to the male population.  And, as always, the personality traits mentioned in this book are generalizations – there are always exceptions to the rule and ultimately everyone is an individual.  I’m not mentioning anything that most women haven’t probably already come to the conclusion themselves, on some level.

This is just a confirmation of what you’ve suspected all along.

People who have the characteristics listed in this book were usually abused as children; always emotionally/psychologically/mentally and sometimes physically.  The difference between men and women (generally speaking) is;

when boys are abused, they often grow up to be abusers while

when girls are abused, they often grow up to be abused themselves.

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