Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated PDF

Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated PDF

Download Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated PDF book free online – From Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated PDF: Analog Circuit Design: Discrete and Integrated is written by enthusiastic circuit practitioner, Sergio Franco. This text places great emphasis on developing intuition and physical insight. Buy from Amazon

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Analog Circuit Design: Discrete & Integrated PDF

The numerous examples and problems have been carefully thought out to promote problem solving methodologies of the type engineers apply daily on the job. Each chapter provides a fairly comprehensive coverage of its title subject. SPICE has been integrated throughout the text both as a pedagogical aid to confer more immediately to a new concept, and as a validation tool for hand calculations. PSPICE is used to bring out nuances that would be too complex for hand calculations.

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This is one of the best books Ive read on analog circuit design, and I’ve read quite a few. I must say it is not as rigurous or complete as say Microelectronic Circuits by Sedra/Smith or Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits by Gray, Hurst, Lewis, Meyer, however the material covered in this book is quite useful and the author’s approach to problem solving using a combination of intuition and math is extremely valuable.

At first I was reluctant on buying this book given the fact that I already own and read some of the well known standard books I just mentioned, however now that I have read it, I can say that this book was a wonderful addition to my library, it offers a very different perspective from the rest of the books I own, Dr. Franco has this effect, in fact that was the main reason I bought it since I already read some of Dr. Franco’s other books.

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If you have already read Dr. Franco’s wonderful book Design With Operational Amplifiers and Analog Integrated Circuits you may already be familiar with his writting style, which is highly pedagogical and enjoyable, however, what I have always disliked is the fact that some derivations and formulae are presented in quite an unconventional way when compared to rest of the books out there, some formulas are extended considerably more than needed or factored in odd ways, im sure that computation wise Dr. Franco’s formulas may be more efficient,but it is a lot harder to remember them or work with them in a day to day basis.

The mandatory sections on BJT, Mosfets, and configurations for both discrete and integrated (Darlington, Cascode, LTP, etc..) design are very well written, with lots of examples and a lot of indepth material.

The chapter on negative feedback is brilliant, yet only the simplest forms are presented, the stabilizing techniques or frequency compensation techniques section of the book need more depth, compensation techniques are basically presented but barely covered, same thing happens with the output stages of amplifiers (Class A, AB, B, etc…) which in my opinion needed a bit more detail.

This is the first edition of this book, so one can only assume that future editions will add more material , as well as corrections to the ocassional typo here and there. This book really deserves a lot more credit, and the unfounded 1 star bad review written here on amazon should be deleted, the book however is quite expensive but it is very well worth it, the paper and construction of the book is really solid, I highly recommend it.

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About the Author

SERGIO FRANCO is a professor of Electrical Engineering at San Francisco State University. He was born in Friuli, Italy,and earned his Ph.D from the university of Illinois at Urbana-champaign. Prior to becoming professor, Dr. Franco had extensive industrial experience and has worked and publised in such diverse areas as solid state phycsis,pattern reconition, electronic music, IC design,and medical, consumer and automotive electronics. Dr. Franco is also the author of the textbook Electric Circuit Fundamentals, Oxford University Press, 1995. In addition to teaching, Dr. Franco consults for industry.


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